Aaron Ramsey (8)


I’ve put on a bunch of weight recently so the hair hides my big fat fucking face. It’s staying until my face has slimmed down (who knows when that will be).


Beard is only for the chosen one. I am not one of those, therefore i keep my face clean and babyfaced at all times. You cant and shouldnt fight against fate.


I wish I could grow a beard. Sadly I end up looking like the guy from Team America when he’s pretending to be an Arab.

Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad


You gotta let it grow and then shave it off.
Repeat it for fair few times and then you can have a reasonable beard.

Letting it grow in few attempts will leave patches


Had a long beard for three years. At the start my wife hated it and said divorce was a possibility :rofl: Shaved it off a year ago and she got angry! I looked to nice without it. Figures.


This couldn’t be further from the truth lol. Shaving your beard does not make it grow back thicker, quicker or anything of the sort.


What it does and why it looks “thicker” is that the ends often split and you get two hairs instead of one in some pores.


Proper old wives tale that one lol


I could be wrong but I have seen people attempt it few times & leave it because they get wavey follicles.
I would assume you need to shave, & trim regularly to get a better shape with the beard.
Just letting the beard grow with no trimming perhaps leaves you with thinner hair ends.

Will raise my hand. just assumption here. no solid backup to that


You really need to go full bonsai to get your beard to behave properly :poldi:


aint it or just me?
I can’t stand the pube beard some people sport.


Nothing worse than a beard tryharder with huge bald patches insisting to grow a hipster beard just because his mates have it.


I can’t believe someone actually typed out advice on how to grow a beard. :joy::joy::joy:


Tbf to Trion, that’s how it’s been for me.

But I think you just see the improvement in growth and thickness of the beard better because of contrast more than anything else.

Going to the gym will grow your beard.


Full beards ftw. I’ve not gone clean shaven for 6-7 years now and I don’t think I ever will. At some point earlier this year I had gone a year straight without trimming the length, it’d have put Jedinak and Giroud to shame.


Because the blade cuts your hair at an angle they appear thicker, it literally has no effect on hair growth.

Also excessive workouts will actually lead to hair loss I’d think.


Taking steroids will grow your beard significantly quicker than anything else lol

One of my friends went to gym with a patchy beard and within a year of taking steds ended up with a good, thick beard.


But how much did his ballz shrink?


That’s what I mean haha, the testosterone release during workouts helps grow your facial hair, and excess steroids will cause loss of head hair.

Of course, exogenous steroids will accelerate that process :arteta:

I only shave now if I’ve accidentally nicked a bit of hair I didn’t mean to when trimming.