Aaron Ramsey (8)


I hope so.


We are complete in the middle with Lucas.


FIFY :wink:


Ramsey is not as great as some would like to think.


Hes also not as bad as others think. Guess we find out in the next season. Im hopeful.


10 years of Ramsey playing at the club. Dont think we can expect any new dimensions to his game that we havent already seen.

My big worry is defo where he should be deployed in a 4-2-1-3. Cant play as a holding midfielding and he aint taking Ozils place. The bench being his best position imo.


Should be rotated with Ozil tbh


Yea he can play the Huddersfield home kinda games.


I’m not sure it will be a given Ozil will be deployed as number 10 by Emery.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a more mature Ramsey tried on the wing again for a spell. It might suit a coach like Emery too. Obviously not his favoured position but Ozil likes to go wherever the ball is so there will be plenty of central space to drift into and plenty of sneaky runs into the box to be made.

Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang have enough speed to make sure that we don’t suddenly become a slow team.


An do what :laughing:? One-twos and picking position in front of goal are probably his best qualities. How is that going to work from the wing exactly?


Dont worry Ramseys strenght are his pace, trickery, dribling and shooting. Oh wait…


Well our width will hopefully come from our super fit full backs so he could play reasonably narrow and I think he’d make a decent job of coming in at the far post at the right time when the ball was on the other side of the pitch. Ozil and Sanchez played plenty of one-twos and I’m sure Ozil and Micky have too. If we’re in control of games he’ll get plenty of chances to get himself in front of goal.


It seems more effective to put Ozil on the wing because of his dribbling and roaming like you said. Ramsey on the wing is ‘ugly’ on all kind of levels.


Captain, my captain


Absolutely love this kit.


Don’t forget his lovely hair. :ramsey:


A hint he is staying?


Still not that big a fan but it looks class on the players tbf.


A hint he’s the only not shit player that’s been here more than six months