Aaron Ramsey (8)


Chelsea could still take Ramsey from us. Smaller club but greater resources. Would represent just as big a gamble for Aaron tho, I think Arsenal are now closer to regaining the 4PT than the chavs


Don’t think that’s strictly true if you look at how the club’s conducted themselves recently.

It does look like he may be leaving though, if there’s no news and we keep getting linked with CMs.

↓ again, would definitely be down for that.


If Chelsea are interested then we could Loft in a Cheeky bid for Ruben instead?


I’m not sure why Chelsea would be interested. Or I don’t think he should be their first choice as attacking midfielder.


The less british players at the club the better.


Better than your lot you bacon chomping pastry munchin inbread Viking spamheads…




Watch your mouth. We might cut off your bacon supply for the next two months. Expect more sanctions if needed.


Ceres is shit, tbh.



To sell or not to sell, that is the question. :laca:



Sign da ting!


Of course Ramsey will sign.

He won’t get big money anywhere else


Yeah I think he will also, financially and playing wise Arsenal makes the most sense for Rambo.


FFS these news ruined my midday boner.


Don’t worry be one o’clock soon.


Good news ya fucken nerds.


Just worried he will take the place of ma boi Mesut :ozil2:


Great news. Must keep him.