Aaron Ramsey (8)


i fucking wish these stupid cunts would stop talking about our fucking budget. Do they HONESTLY think that a paultry wage like ramseys even on a rise after we have binned sanchez etc is gonna be a lot of our summer spending, fuck off with stupidity already they are talking about us like we have got a budget of portsmouth.


Either a paltry two years out of the CL revenue stream is way more damaging than I thought it was, or else this new stadium is not paying its way


Don’t we get like £2.5m on average on the gate every game day?

That and all the additional corporate stuff and increased advertising capabilities, if that can’t fucking sort us out we are fucked.


Must all have gone on Mesut’s new contract right :roll_eyes:

Maybe we’ve done a Man City and have a wages to turnover ratio of 200% or whatever stupid figure it is


Mkhitaryan got swapped for Alexis and Mertesacker and Cazorla are off the books. I don’t buy at all that our wage bill would have risen exponentially. I reckon we will do everything to get rid of loanees; Jenkinson, Campbell, Asano. We should sell/not extend Wilshere and Welbeck. I reckon players who we will sign in stead will not be on the same salary as those English lads. The writer of the article is Jeremy Wilson. He seems to have some sort of agenda since Wenger left anyway. If Ramsey is such on burden on the wage bill he should not be extended.


Our wage bill isn’t an issue no matter how much people from the club say it is.

Even if we do increase Ramsey’s wages, he’s already on more than 100k, so it’s only the difference between that, and what he’s going to get.

With Wilshere probably leaving, and with, high earners like Cazorla, Giroud, Mertesacker, Sanchez, Walcott, Gabriel, Coquelin, Chamberlain etc, all off the wage bill last season, as well as Wenger, we have saved more than 40m a season.

That more than balances out the wages of the players and manager coming in.

I don’t understand how the club can go from saying “we can afford any player,” to pleading poverty, so quickly.

The only thing that is a fact, is that we are the tightest club in Europe, when it comes to transfers.


It seems like you are almost disappointed.


Think he is gonna be our highest paid player after Ozil.



That’s about 750k reduction in players, about 800k if we add in Gibbs and Wilshere so about 150k, making 950k but Ozil is being paid an extra 200k, then Kolasinac 120k, Pea 220k, Laca 200k, Mikhitaryan 180k which is 920k before Sokratis, Lich and Ramsey is probably another 300k on top of that, so 1,200k. So an increase of approx 350k per week before a midfielder and keeper.

Wenger’s wage is off the books but Emery plus Sven plus the Barce fella have all come in.


Sources for these numbers?


My memory from reports of when we signed their contracts, we splashed big wages on the last 4 signings and I’m assuming Sokratis/Lich will be on 100k a week


How do we know those sources are credible?

For example this source:


Puts Mkhitaryan and Lacazette on 120k, Auba on 180k. I don’t buy that Lichtsteiner and Sokratis will get 5 million per year. According to La Gazzetta Dello Sport Lichtsteiner is currently on €2.8 million a year. We are not going to almost double his salaries.


I’d take the most reliable source, which wouldn’t be totalsportek. The reliable papers reported Mikki at 180k. We know Mikki was on 180k or more at United, he isn’t taking a pay drop to move to Arsenal.

Ofcourse wages before and after bonuses will differ.

Lichtsteiner is a free agent without a transfer fee and his agent will negotiate the best deal on that basis. Sagna years back was in the same situation and negotiated a much bigger deal at City


James Olley of the Standard reported that Mkhitaryan was on 170k a week and Aubameyang wanted higher. Which more reliable source, not too say that the Standard is the most reliable but I take them in higher regard than tabloids, came out with 180k for Mkhitaryan?

What are your sources for Mkhitaryan for 180k at United?

Sure Lichtsteiner gets a raise. But it’s not going to be double his salary.


I wonder if the lack of noise around him means his contract extension is done and dusted or that is means he is very busy negotiating with other clubs.


What’s Ramsey’s market if we have to sell? £40m+? Who buys him?


We should be able to get 40-50 m. I would prefer selling to China for obvious reasons, but Aaron probably wont accept that.

It really is crunch time with this guy now. Letting him run down the contract is unacceptable and we either sell now or renew.

Footballwise im concerned as to where Ramsey fits in the current setup with Emery, if we pretend that we will play a structured 4-2-3-1. At sevilla he mainly used Krychowiak and Nzonzi as the 2 CMs. As we know Ramseys qualitites is further up the pitch where he will make lung bursting runs behind the enemy lines and keep the opposition busy at all times.

It will be interesting what ultimately happens, but a decision has to be taken very quickly, we cant afford another Dogshagger situation.


I’d have seen him at United if they didn’t have Pogba, though some kind of 3 with Matic could be somewhat interesting. Could Sarri’s Chelsea have use of him? Liverpool? Not sure who else beyond that would offer the kind of money we could.

Staying at Arsenal doesn’t feel like the stale prospect it was a couple of years ago so I think he’ll probably end up staying on good money if that’s what Emery wants.


United got Fred and Liverpool Keita. Don’t think they are really searching for another centre midfielder. For the Spanish top two he just isn’t good enough and I would be surprised if one of them tries to sign him. Juventus would probably be the best fit but they signed Emre Can.