Aaron Ramsey (8)


What would you like him to do?



Ozil must take pride of place in AM but I’d rotate him with Ramsey.


Yeah I am not saying “the ball goes through him,” to be honest… there is no player that I want that role at all other than Ozil… we don’t have the players imho. Ramsey is a key player and very valuable, but not as a focal point for possession imho. He is valuable (when on form and fit) at recovering ball, pressurizing, and popping up in unexpected and dangerous areas.


Has Emery actually said those words? (I haven’t listened to or read anything he’s said)


I’m going to go out on a limb and say no. Emery hasn’t said anything of the sort about Ramsey. At least, not that I’ve seen.


If he stays fit, I think he could play the Cazorla role in the 4-2-3-1 system. But Xhaka will have to be more disciplined. Hopefully Emery will sort that.


Just fuck off with all this Emery is shit talk .
We are all waiting for you to tell us why he is shit
So here’s your platform
So come on tell us all .
If not , shut the fuck up and get behind the new manager, the new players and support our Arsenal
A new Arsenal into a new future.


Ramsey will want 150k to 170k I reckon. Coming to the latter stages of his footballing career and not to mention our other ‘stars’ are on much more. As @JakeyBoy mentioned AoC was offered 180k not long ago, so this may become a factor.

We need to keep him. We are short of decent central midfielders and won’t be replace him without spending a vast amount. Hope he signs.


Are you and @GeorgieGraham89 the same person are or are you both so terribly boring that my mind can’t tell you two apart?


Damn right .
This is exciting times .
If this club goes on to win 3 Europa League trophies then I’ll be one happy senior Gooner , that’s for sure .
I can wait to see the new Arsenal run on
to The Emirates pitch for the first time under Emery .
The pace will be buzzing .


I don’t think it is. That’s KDB type money and Ramsey isn’t in KDB territory. Jorginho is on 110k. Serri would probably take 100k a week. If we could flog Ramsey for say 70-80m I’d take the money and run.


I wish there was someone dumb enough to pay that much


Sterling is going to be getting £200K or over when he signs his new deal.

It’s the going rate for a key player at a top club unless you’re getting rinsed like United, Jorginho will be happy with that at City since that will probably have doubled his current wage.


Jorginho is not on 110k right now. Serie A players don’t make 5 million and if they do Jorginho isn’t one of them. Where do you get your numbers from?


More like in this way:

Ramsey Ozil



He probably means will be on that at City…


It was reported City agreed 110k a week with him.


Not gonna lie, but being Welsh and having one of the best Welsh players in our squad makes me very happy. I like Rambo quite a lot and he seems a sensible lad, I hope we can keep a hold of him. Good to always have that one player who’s been a long standing member aswell.


Think he is our longest standing member, as he has been here since 2008.