Aaron Ramsey (8)


Well, let’s hope he is finally over them.


110K is not what it used to be not by a long shot.

The influx of TV money and increased sponsorship means wages increase also, like it or not but he’s a key player here and unless there is someone out there that can mirror his productivity it close enough I don’t see why some are advocating that he be sold.

For the majority of his time as a player he has managed or should I say mismanaged by Wenger and co. Under Emery he could perform even better especially since he’s become more displined over the last season.


He put up those numbers in a dysfunctional system. It should have no bearing going into the future under a manager who meant to be getting us organised and secure defensively.

He won’t be getting the same numbers from midfield in Emery’s system unless he’s playing AM. I’d be very willing to see him there in a 4-2-3-1


And the likes of Vidal, Hamšík, Milinkovic-Savic and Dele Alli put up numbers in an organised system.

I’m not sure of the validity of such an argument, as if he couldn’t do it in a more disciplined system? It’s not his fault Wenger didn’t instill discipline and tactical nous in the squad.

Perhaps he doesn’t score as much but he could still cause havoc in an actual system that isn’t characterised by disharmony




Ozil has hardly been setting the world alight since he asked for £300k+ a week.

If I’m a peak Ramsey after getting another player of the season award, I’m not thinking £110k is a fair amount for me to sign a 5 year deal.

I don’t mind if we build the team around him. Playing to his strengths could be beneficial. My biggest fear is giving him a huge contract and then deploying him in an ordinary central midfield role.


I don’t know how Emery build his team around Ramsey.
If he going to make Rambo a Verratti or Kroos?
Or he is going to build our attacking unit around Ramsey, instead of Ozil??

Ramsey is well known for popping up some goals by booming forward without discipline.

If we are going to be organized and disciplined, Ramsey’s goal production will go down, and I don’t see how he can produce Ozil-esque assists by his abilities.


Could being the operative word in that sentence. So put a performance clause in there. I personally think all contracts should be performance based… just me.


A Ramsey & Xhaka pivot is awful too look at. I’ve no reason to think Xhaka will be gone or will have a smaller role. The dislike towards Ramsey is probably not as fair, but it’s more how they look on the pitch.


Building a team around a guy who is out 1/2 of the season is very risky imo.


Verratti or Kroos. LOL.


There is no “building a team around” anyway… he is an influential two-way player when on form and fit… if there is any player that we “play through” (the more reasonable way to think about it), it is Ozil, no two ways about it… I think it is reasonable to think of Ramsey as key player who has his set of weaknesses and fitness risks, but there you have it - that is our lot in life.


We’re better than Ramsey in a AM role. Although Unai Emery is our head coach.


Under Emery I expect to see Ramsey as the 10 and Ozil out wide.
At least, that’s how it sounds.


Cant see where Ramsey would fit in. He cant play as a holding midfielder alongside Xhaka, and there is no chance he is taking Mesuts number 10 role.


That would be unfortunate…


Yep, hence @AbouCuellar 's meltdown :arteta:


If everybody is healthy, and the player that the ball go through it before Ozil, I pick Jack ahead of Ramsey.
Talk about ball distributing, passing accuracy, ball control, Jack >>>Rambo
Sorry, I am not the norm.


We offered Oxlade Chamberlain one hundred and eighty fucking grand a week, he’d be an idiot to take a penny less.


This will be a big test for Emery.

What I want to see implemented is his 4-2-3-1.

I have a slight fear he might go 4-3-3 to accommodate Xhaka at the base and Ramsey in central midfield with Ozil on the wing.

What he does will indicate what kind of coach he is. It gives me hope that he initially tried to implement is the 4-2-3-1 at PSG before the players forced his hand to revert but his comments about posession were slightly worrying.