Aaron Ramsey (8)


Yeah, the “now” gives a lot more meaning to that quote


Well I doubt he’d stay if Arteta was gonna be manager.


decent option on the bench this lad.


I’d like to hear from @AbouCuellar on whether or not this is accurate.

I say that but I’m obviously not going to read his reply.


I have no idea. Maybe he’d stay because Arteta might not and probably isn’t shite whereas Emery is experienced and shite.


Just sign, then.


You’ll get a positive and upbeat reply from the Catalonian Cock that’s for sure . :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


AC, you are really on full attack mode on Emery :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, can you just let him coach a year or so to decide if he is really that shite as you believe?




Arsenal have offered a new five-year contract to Aaron Ramsey in their first significant move since appointing Unai Emery as head coach last week.

The Spaniard is eager to retain and build a team around Ramsey, who has one year left on his existing deal and will be sold if he fails to agree new terms.

Arsenal are determined to avoid repeating the mistakes made last summer with Alexis Sánchez and Mesut Özil, who were allowed to enter the final 12 months of their contracts, a decision which many at the club feel undermined their season and has had ongoing financial consequences. Sánchez was allowed to join Manchester United last January in a swap deal with Henrikh Mkhitaryan, but with Arsenal reluctant to lose two key players in the same month the club caved in to Özil’s wage demands and gave him a new three-and-a-half-year deal worth £350,000 a week.

Özil’s huge pay-rise created ructions amongst Arsenal’s players, as The Times revealed in February, and has complicated their attempts to keep their existing squad together due to the pay divide in the dressing room.

Arsenal’s offer to Ramsey is understood to be a significant increase on his existing wages of £110,000 a week, but as his next contract could be the final big one of his career it is likely to involve considerable negotiation before being agreed.

Ramsey is Arsenal’s longest-serving player having signed from Cardiff City ten years ago and intimated earlier this week that he wants to stay at the club, but will not be rushed into making such a significant decision. The 27-year-old is due back from Wales’ friendly international against Mexico in California today and is expected to hold talks with the club next week when Emery returns from a brief holiday to Portugal.

Emery is also due to meet Jack Wilshere next week to finalise the midfielder’s future before his contract expires next month. The 26-year-old was offered a new deal before Arsene Wenger left earlier this month and is hoping to stay at the club where he has spent his entire career, but wants to meet Emery before signing a new contract.

Danny Welbeck is also about to enter the final year of his contract, but has yet to be offered a new deal. The England striker is relaxed about the situation however as his focus is on preparing for the World Cup, and he is happy to wait until after the tournament to discuss his future.


Wait for what? That’s the thing about experience…you prove yourself. Emery’s experienced, and he has proven himself…to be shite. People wanted experience, and they got it! :slight_smile:


I never thought I’d hear anyone say they “want to build a team round Ramsey,” especially a top European manager.

Building a team around Ozil or even Aubameyang, I can see but Ramsey?

Looks like another frustrating window.


So we’re going to end up playing Ramsey 220k a week then


That’s surely the going rate for someone that puts up those kind of numbers tbh.


Significant increase from 110k per week?
180? 200?

Not really excited to know that, we are going to build the team around him, not Ozil, Auba as @InvincibleDB10 said.


Fantastic news! He can even improve more under Emery.


Not surprised Emery loves the footballer Ramsey is, if true. Sad.


I don’t get this Ramsey hate. He has been quite good recently.


110k is about where he’s at. The best numbers on a shit team doesn’t amount to much IMO. And I’ve seen nothing in his play to warrant any more than that. He can’t take a game by the scruff of the neck and run it. He’s a talented CM, but not a world beater. Certainly not worthy of having a team built around him. For some reason he lacks the leadership nous when in the Arsenal squad. He seems to take the mantle fairly effortlessly in the Welsh NT though, so I don’t get the disconnect.


He has been good this season, but you build a team around world class players that are consistently world class, that rarely get injured.