Aaron Ramsey (8)


If we can get a manager who can organise our defence and get players like Ramsey performing like he did this season regularly, then he is definitely worth keeping.
It’s consistency and lack of concentration and discipline that have let him down before, but he seems to have matured a bit this season so the next manager might be able to get the best out of him.

If we sell him, we would have to replace him anyway, so it would be cheaper and easier to keep him and buy a CB and GK and organise the defence properly.


I agree with some of this and have said similar in this very thread, however, I’m interested to see what a manager can do with Ramsey and that midfield.

Ramsey only seems to have increased his awareness with regard to discipline and positional play (most likely down to himself) after many years at the club which leaves even more room for improvement under an astute regime.



Think he’s leaving tbh.

Just hope we don’t do an arsenal special and sell him to a top 6 rival


Got a feeling that’s exactly what will happen.

Manchester United.


FFS! Losing him while keeping smoking boy :facepalm:


FFS! Shut up if it happened!


Nah he wants to move abroad. He will be getting sold for big money hopefully.

Agents talking shite though surely


Sell him to man utd. Sanchez and Ramsey is guaranteed killer of all flow and teamplay.


Wouldn’t be devastated if he was moved on and I am admittedly someone who doesn’t rate him anywhere near as highly as some arsenal fans do.

I think he has a lot of really shit games and whilst I admire his abilities in the final third I want a better midfielder with greater abilities in the centre of the park. Think Ramsey should be moved forward.

All in all I think he’s had two good seasons in his entire Arsenal career and when you combine his inconsistency with his recurrent muscle injuries I think it would be very wise to cash in on him now.


He had a good season last season but the previous two or three he was less than average.
If Wilshere and Ramsey both leave and we get a world class replacement, I would be ok with that but I actually think they both will stay.


Not entirely sure how we cash in on him. Can’t see him at United in the same team as Pogba who many have complained has had his offensive side limited. I can’t see him keeping up with City either. Maybe Chelsea could find a place for him in some kind of midfield 3 with Kante and ???. Maybe Liverpool in Coutinho’s place.

Maybe someone could part with £30m as a squad option with the potential to earn himself a regular place but I don’t think he’s the sort of player you go all out to secure as your big signing.

However I’m not going to judge him on his past seasons. I think he’s turned a corner this season and his intelligence and maturity has shown in a non-flukey way. I think this is him hitting his peak, so this season + the next one or two I think will be his prime.

If he’s going to be a fundamental part of the next managers plans then I’d be comfortable keeping him. If he’s just going to be a body in midfield I’m not too bothered if we replace him.


Or even more likely the quote is out of context. Unless it was to a direct question like “has there been any contract negotiations at all yet?” I think it’s just headline making.


He is our only dangerous midfielder, tbh. We are already on a tight budget so we can’t afford to lose our best players again.


These are the comments in question


Yea even that ‘not quite’ lends some ambiguity to things.


Very unprofessional.

Never trust an agent in a public forum. Always playing an angle


Man, I really want him to stay. I know Ramsey is replaceable as there are plenty of midfielders out there who are equally or perhaps more effective than Ramsey. But Ramsey when closley looked at, really has impressive stats for someone who misses chunks of the season.

It would be an exciting project to see Ramsey under a new manager; 27 years old now, ready to peak. Give him the captaincy.


Yeaaaaaahh boiiii



as in before hand it was like going back to a job you hate ‘back training tomorrow same old boring shit ahhhh fuck my life i fucking cant stand this’