Aaron Ramsey (8)


Think he would be tailor made for Klopp. Needs a different style of football than hes played here. An Arteta wont offer that.


Is that an advert.
If so the Trades Description Standards Authority might be looking into it.


He has been our player of the season and people want him out? :facepalm:


We need the dollars bruv


If we can get £40-50 million for him, I’d say do it.

In saying that I would rather he stay than Wilshere and be our captain but it seems he wants to leave and he can’t leave on a free fgs.


So the board have told us bullshits about our budget.


Nothing against Ramsey, but I like to see a midfielder with a better dribble and who is more mobile with the ball than Ramsey. Since I think it’s unlikely we would fetch anything for Xhaka and it seems Wilshere is going to get an extension I wouldn’t mind it if we sell him. I think his on the ball ability is not good enough.


Ramsey is one of the best players in the final third of the pitch. Would be a huge loss if we lost him.

I don’t think he is suited to another team unless they give him some tactical freedom like we do. Wales got it spot on by allowing him play as a 10 and basically do whatever he wants. Him and Bale were awesome in that system. Under a rigorous manager, I think Ramsey could be found wanting. No one will take a punt unless they plan on giving him a free role.


Indirectly you addressed our whole problem in my opinion. The link up from Xhaka to Ozil and from midfield to attack needs to improve. His influence/presence in the final third negates that. I think that’s key in improving our control in midfield.


isn’t that sad??


Not really. He’s an incredibly effective operative in the final third, so there’s no shame at all that he’s one of our best there.


If we are just talking about “one/two” good quality, yes, he score us some goals.

if we are talking about a discipline of a player, the positioning and timing, he has some flaws as the central midfielder for us.


I’m not talking about his discipline or whatever (I do agree that these are issues) MM mentioned that he’s very effective in the final third and that’s absolutely true, regardless of the rest of his game.


Think Arteta will ship him. Coming from man city he will realise we need midfielders who can pass and controle a football.


Even with regard to discipline he’s seemingly improved and become a lot more mature with that aspect to his game which I assume is down to himself rather than coaching.

It’s funny some were saying how he was our best player this season and generally praising him, now it’s back him being average and being one of the main issues in the squad.


Sorry that I sidetrack it a bit…

Yes, he is quite effective in the final third, for this I agree.


Exactly. We have seen what he can do when he plays in best position. Would be a huge loss.


I agree but it doesn’t really mean much in a season where we have the worse defensive record in the league out of the top 6 both home and away too. That would seem to indicate structural/personnel issues from the midfield down, which includes Ramsey.

Ramsey has always skewed data because he thrives in the dysfunctionality of Wenger non system. Last time we played anything resembling decent football on a consistent basis was when Santi was in CM

It’s obvious you won’t get his current output if there was a tactical demand for him to be more conservative and disciplined in midfield, his opportunities in the final third would be greatly reduced.

I’d be very much open to moving Ramsey to the 10 and letting him have a free role. There’s no point burdening him with the responsibilities of a CM when he continually neglects the wider demands side of the role, Granted he did show some improvement this season in terms of discipline.

But I think people are overstating how much of a loss he would be tbh


Credit to him he’s improved his all round game a lot this season compared to the 2-3 previous seasons. Defensive work and ball retention clearly improved. Once he gets the basics going consistently he becomes a major threat going forward as was the case in 2013. Second half of this season he really turned it on.

But this was after a massive period of him being a careless prick. Won’t forget that so soon because he will inevitably abandon central responsibilities again if the manager isn’t a proper boss. That’s why I can’t agree that he’s one of the best midfielders because the ‘all-round’ aspects of him are so inconsistent. He could be if he consistently applied himself over a few years.


100% agree with that, guess I’m just conceding that it is/has been an issue to an extent