Aaron Ramsey (8)






Yeah that got me too lol.


You guys are such haters.


Now sign that new contract.


Nice ! now we can ship him for a good fat fee ! :poldi:


Dont see anything wrong with that statement tbh.


Don’t see how Ramsey isn’t one of the best CM’s in the world especially when it comes those that play b2b, sure he has his flaws but he’s been overcoming them little by little in recent years.

How many of his type put up similar numbers with the same game time? Ramsey is a better player than Pogba for example especially if he had no fitness concerns.


He is really good for us but I think calling him world class is overstating things to say the least :arteta:


Well, I’d compare his performances and numbers with players of his type and he’s probably within top three in with regard to productivity perhaps right at the top if you factor in minutes played.

Seems to be an aesthetic thing that people talk about but his performances speak for themselves IMO.


Sell him now :hipster:


Realistically where could we see Ramsey going?


Chelsea ?


Yeah I guess.




Juve maybe if they can’t get Milinkavic-Savic.

I wanna say Barca aswell but I think they’ll be better with someone like Eriksen in the B2b role.

Other than that the only team I can see him going is Liverpool. :grimacing:


Could honestly see him doing an OX and going to another English club


Can’t see him staying, off to Chelsea or Liverpool I reckon


He’ll stay, no one else will offer someone as average as Ramsey the wages we’ll likely offer him. If someone offers him bigs wages and a big fee we need to bite their hand off.


If Vidal is on the way out I could see him going to Bayern.