Aaron Ramsey (8)


Yeah, let’s not repeat what happened with Sanchez and Ozil. I’d like to keep Rambo, but if he wants to go he can go.


Yup sell him this summer, Sven can replace this guy easily.


How reliable is Darren?

This would suck. :confused:


I find Darren somewhat reliable.

Throughout this season Ramsey and his agent have been going through some things together.

Apparently, his agent left his agency and Arron is super loyal so went with him. That put contract talks on hold. His agent might be looking for a big splash if he represents Aaron alone now


I really don’t see Barcelona or any big team paying Ramsey the big money.


30 mil is enuf mate


Not really sure why people are not being bothered about him signing a new contract. Not just on here, but in general – there are many people who don’t rate him.

We have more pressing issues in the squad without having to replace one of our better players too. Even if our budget is bigger than has been reported, we simply can’t buy a whole new team in one window. And our money is better spent elsewhere.

We should absolutely be doing what we can to keep Ramsey around. First step, give him the armband. Second step, Arsenal FC and Save The Rhino charity partnership :smile:


The main issue I have with Ramsey now are the soft tissue injuries that have plagued him.

This season he seems to have become a lot more tactically astute in terms of timing his runs and vacating space in midfield, it does seems to be a natural progression that isn’t down to the influence of coaching as it really should have happened a lot earlier in his career.

I would have no issue selling him off if there was someone who brings exactly what he does to the table without the injury and fitness concerns but who would that be? I can’t think of a handful of players out there that can mirror his productivity that are not only available but also not going to cost ridiculous money and for that reason we shouldn’t be selling but it’s not really up to us as the ball is in his court.


the reason for my anti Ramsey agenda is based of years trying to understand him as a player and his role in the team. they way i see his best position is a free roaming CF or AM, were he can make all his late runs into the box. Thats great in a bland hardoworking Wales team, but in a topclub like Arsenal we cant allow such luxuries. Imo he is not technical enough to play as a number 8, which is the position he currently occupies(to my frustration). his passing is average and his ball control is below top 6 PL standard.

I think its time for him to go and test new waters. He seems like a demanding guy which wouldnt be happy on the becnh anyway. if we could get above 30 mil i think we have done our team and squad a amazing service.


Well, one of my points was more that any money we have/make would be better served on our areas of weakness – the backline and GK (two GKs!). Sure, if we’ve got a massive budget and can afford to correct all of that as well as buy a world class midfielder, then great – just don’t see that happening personally.


its more about adjusting the players we have to the correct roles. Ramsey has been playing the b2b-role for years, and as good as he is offensively, it is leaving us with huge gaps in the midfield defensively cause of his offensive minded runs. A new manager will hopefully adress that and either find the correct role for Ramsey or sell him to fund a more well rounded CM.


Ramsey hasn’t been doing that this season though.

He has been a lot more disciplined this season and I expect him to improve in that area should the right manager come in, Ramsey isn’t the issue in midfield tbh and the main issue has been a blunt attack now partially sorted with Auba coming in and an incredibly shitty defence from back to front.


Yeah losing Ramsey while transitioning to new management just hamstrings us further… can see him going for Cesc-like (or worse) numbers and no way we replace properly… going into next year with Xhaka, El Neny, and AMN at CM is just diabolical. Ramsey is perhaps our most influential player outside of Ozil, and is to me one of the 3 key players going into next year: Ozil, Auba, and Ramsey are a nice core.

I am still not sold on Xhaka and while I like El Neny as a role player and I think AMN is still an interesting prospect, would be big blow to lose Ramsey now.


For me the main issue have been our defense and our lack of structure, partly due to Wenger ofc. You say that you see improvements in his disciplin which i cant comment on cause its hard to quantify that statistic. I will still say that making them attacking runs will always be a BIG part of his game and something you cant take away from him. When you then ad very limited passing ability and average ball controle playing at the heart of the midfield is an immensely handicap to our strucutre and overall team play. At home against cannon fodder we can get away with it but not against the top dogs.


@LordBendtner been spot on in regards to Ramsey with everything you’ve said in this thread so far. I love his goal scoring and creativeness but holy shit he’s such a liability otherwise. Only role I could see him playing in is Ozil’s #10 but we’ve got Ozil so sorry.


Ramsey might be a good addition for another team surrounded by other more proper midfielders, but a Ramsey and Xhaka pivot sucks. Either one of them needs to go. It seems very unlikely that will be Xhaka at this point.


Probably right, and that is the wrong move imho.


Scapegoats gonna be scapegoated again


Ramsey is currently our best option in midfield by some distance, we shouldn’t even contemplate selling him given the choice.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t renew his contract though, although it may depend on the new manager.


I’m not sure why I trust that Darren guy (not sure if I do anyway), but he retweeted the story about his agent pushing Ramsey not to sign a deal and Barcelona might be an option.

PLEASE don’t sign that contract. Ramsey at Barcelona is JOKES!