Aaron Ramsey (8)


I mean what’s this actually based on? For someone who is demanding more information on why Allegri is a suitable option you’re so insistent on us hiring someone with zero managerial experience and no actual credible reporting on his philosophy, tactical nous, coaching ability…


That was me in Diaby mode hyperbole/trolling…I would’ve expected better from you, man! :wink: :grimacing:


Haha it’s hard to tell with you sometimes mate. :eyes:


Hope not. It would be pathetic to keep an average player like Wilshere and sell a good one like Ramsey.


If anything, think Allegri could take Ramsey to all new levels too.

Check KpB, Nocerino at Milan then Pogba at Juve hitting some of his best form.

Think Ramsey is exactly the type of player Allegri would love working with.


Lol almost forgot Nocerino :arteta: he was basically a meme for so many years. Wtf happend to this guy .


Ramsey has already been good for us, but yeah, he would step up under Allegri.


For me that doesn’t speak to the benefit of Allegri…fuck workhorses.


I don’t know Nocerino at all but workhorse definitely doesn’t seem like the word I’d use to describe Prince Boateng or Pogba.

Edit: Could be that we view the players differently but in the least dickish way possible I wonder if this is kind of a bit of a mistranslation on your part. With respect, as your English is very good and I can’t speak a word of another language beyond being able to order food in a restaurant in German or French


Workhorses might not be the right chosen word indeed and whilst I don’t care if our new manager plays possession based, attacking football I would like to see somebody who can work with midfielders who have more creative and technical output and are a bit more aesthetically pleasing than these names :sweat_smile:.

Appreciate that. I really struggled with English in school. It’s nice to read people understand what I’m saying (for the most part haha).


Ramsey: ”It will be strange not seeing him around in pre-season but change happens. I am sure whoever comes in, this club is in a fantastic place for them to put their stamp on it. Arsene has created a fantastic team here that is capable of going on with a few tweaks." [BBC]

Pretty much confirms Ramsey’s exit IMO. He always wanted to live in Spain during the latter stages of his career; I think a move to Barcelona or even Juventus makes sense.

Ramsey is one hell of a player; he has faced a lot of crap from Arsenal and I feel he is not appreciated enough; but still feel he is one player that can be replaced with better quality.


How do you get all of that from some super standard cookie cutter pr speak lol


It’s the eyes Cristo, the eyes.


Yes pls get this glorified Henderson out of this club. Everything above 30 mil. and im happy.


@Mercenary = Maxi?


No he’s CaptainCesc who’s been a member for a good ten years now at least. Welcome back geezer :ok_hand:t3:


Get out


Glorified Darren Fletcher. Better ?


Nice one fella. Great to see you still on here. Hope all is well Akh.