Aaron Ramsey (8)


Hey I am not the one with dodgy sources


Awww, someone loves their sources.


I do too, Ketchup is amazeballs :henry2:




Oh sheeeeyt

Been Ramsey Defence League since day fam


Really rounding back into a top player for us… more evidence that we really need to keep him as part of our new core for the next 3+ years… hopefully new manager and new energy plus growing partnership with our attacking players and he decides to stay.


Now that is some commitment. Scrolling all the way back to August hah


I think Nasri was comparable in that magic last season. What a wasted talent.

LE: Nasri definitely had better movement with the ball, I can remember several of his runs starting from our own half and ending in goals, Ramsey has none of that.

One more thing you can credit Wenger for, he almost never/rarely had big players underperform for him in the long-term. Many of the big performers who moved on never quite reached the same heights as they did here. And if you look at City, Utd and many other big club, they have loads of talent that are under-performing, rotting on the bench.

But probably that’s because those clubs can afford the wages.


Lol I used the search function, took less than 30 seconds



@Electrifying Who was the defence force for again? :arteta: Was Poldi and someone else.


Yeah poldi lol. Me you and @ronniec good times


Hilarious the odd person still thinks Wilshere is better :rofl:


** AHEM **


I’ll remember the days you fought the good fight against the evil that was IORP :poldi:

I wonder if he still lurks this forum?


Same here even when IORP was slagging him was a defender.


There’s a few of us who have been on Ramsey’s dick for time. Been riding that meat for years.



I hesitate strongly to do this because Trion will no doubt use it as an excuse to spout more shit, but as Trion will spout shit regardless of what I do I’m going to go ahead and do it:

*Wilshere may or may not be Arsenal level but you are too extreme here. In 1116 minutes in the prem this season he has averaged 60.7 passes per 90, Ramsey has completed 60.8.

*DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anyone who engages in the non-existent comparison of Ramsey’s ability to Wilshere’s through this stat, I am just posting it to show that the second quote especially is a bit misleading/too extreme


Per90 over-correction mate. Wilshere has 19 PL apps with 8 of them coming from the bench, Ramsey has 21 apps and 2 coming from the bench.
+500 min of difference makes per90 comparison misleading.

You have the patience of a saint to deal with bullshit machines like him and Brady for years.


Why? Per 90 is per 90, no? Yes the Wilshere sample is not as big a it could be but 1116 is not an insignificant sample either.

I’m not sure patience is the right word but yes it has been a long, tiresome, tedious, and futile battle.