Aaron Ramsey (8)


Kos cries too much to be captain, Ramsey is a literal killer.

I agree his 2013 form was world class whereas here he is a very good player in our team. But in 2013 he was quite easily top5 CMs in the world.

Numbers may be similar but he missed so much of our 2nd half of the season in 13-14

I’ve seen enough.

:ozil2: in the KdB role is who you are talking about.

Ozil Xhaka Ramsey midfield needed


Ramsey is the Welsh Lampard just a shame his career has been stunted by injuries


Wilshere has been shit the whole season, and he’s barely Bournemouth level.
Wanting another type of player in the midfield is fine, but Wilshere is not the option because he’s very very shit.

Wilshere usually has the fewer passes completed for our whole team and has regularly been out-passed by keepers this season.


Oh right Lets judge a player who has been injured all this while & just regaining his fitness & form back; and affirm everyone he is shit.

PS - Wilshere has not been shit all season


Well he’s shit. he’s been shit all season and the only time he’s looked decent was when everyone was shit.
And the fitness and form excuse is bullshit, He was shit before his injury with England.

Ohh and he was also shit at Bournemouth


You clearly have an agenda.
No one should feel such a strong urge to put Wilshere down.


Ohhh an agenda accusation from @Trion.

Read you last 200 post before accusing anybody about have an agenda,


So you admit he was not shit the whole season.


No, he was shit but since everyone else was shit, he looked normal.


Although I don’t totally agree with TheSpecialCnut, but Wilshere has been letting himself down.


So he was not shit.


Try reading before posting.


I would give Wilshere time much like we gave Ramsey time when he was fucking things up for Arsenal.
Now that suddenly Ramsey is doing well, He was always a top dog for everyone.

When Wilshere started this season, he did really well; so it speaks volumes if someone says he was shit the whole season.
I tend to not give credibility to that person who can’t recognize a good spell of form from a player & decide to completely disregard that spell & call it all shit.


Well you admited he was not shit, that’s fine by me


Again try reading, it’s not that hard.


I did. This is what you said.

Wilshere stepped up when everyone else was shit.


What are the chances that @TheSpecialCnut forms his opinion on Wilshere by what fans say & write :joy::joy::joy:


No, I formed my opinion by watching Wilshere being shit.


Stop being a tool Trion.


Ahh now we descend to racism. Congratulation Trion you really got you point across.