Aaron Ramsey (8)


I’m not ready for another season of a Ramsey/Xhaka-pivot.


Think a Ramsey Xhaka Ozil midfield is what we need to see.

Combine that with Mkhi, a proper pacey winger that loves taking on his man (Mahrez/Malcom/even Lacazette?)
and Auba, then attack is pretty sorted and would be very functional under a good manager.

Defence then needs heavy work.


It’s really not. That midfield has way too less technical ability to be (more) efficient in possession. It has to be Ramsey or Xhaka. I don’t have any illusions we’ll replace them both.


Ozil and Xhaka dont lack technical ability imo. And I don’t mean Ozil will be ahead of them as a 10. Xhaka’s problem is when you press him, not his technical ability.

I mean Ozil as a CM like KdB this season.

Ramsey isn’t that bad either.


One of the traits of a player with good/excellent techical ability is how they performl under pressure and with little room too operate…


Wouldn’t close control be considered a technical aspect of the game?
Xhaka severely lacks that.


Basically all the things you’ve described here are things a good or great manager would’ve vastly helped with. You’ve basically described all the areas a manager can be an important influence.

I don’t think it’s really much of a stretch at all to suggest he would’ve been far better under a different manager.

There are things that we know. For example:

  1. good managers help get more out of their players.
  2. Wenger is not a good manager

So a fairly obvious conclusion is that a good manager would’ve gotten more out of Ramsey. Sure, there are some players that can resist all kinds of good management, but we see all the time players who would’ve seemed much more likely to be a case of that than Ramsey, such as Sterling, Kyle Walker–referring to Poch’s influence here–, Oxlade-Chamberlain, etc. benefitting vastly from quality managers.


Haven’t said otherwise, in fact I was saying similar whilst most of the forum was clamouring for him being sold off and generally being OTT in their criticism of him during the times he was playing terribly.

Even so, as I said some blame should also be laid at his feet.


Mate, you said Ox was a better option than him in cm last season. Don’t think you can exactly lay a claim to not reacting to Ramsey’s bad form. Don’t think it’s really anything to be ashamed of. Bad Ramsey is really bad. Ramsey 15-16 was a special kind of bad for example.


Nah I said he looked more natural at CM than Ramsey or something which wasn’t far fetched at that point and really isn’t anywhere near as bad as some of the stuff you’ve said as well as others…haha.

Anyway, like you said when he was bad he was super bad which IMO is both down to himself as well as Wenger.


You said he was a better option than Ramsey at CM at the very least. You really have a problem with admitting when you were wrong, lol.


I don’t really, it’s just that you seem to be paraphrasing until it borders on rewording entirely :joy:

Please bring up the post where I said he’s a better option at CM than Ramsey and I’ll gladly admit I was wrong since I genuinely do not recall.


He is so incosistent, sometimes extremely good and sometimes so shit.


Agree. Invisible today


elite finish.


Totally oppostire haha, although i suppose you can be invisible for most of the game and score a good goal.




That comment from MM wasn’t from tonight lol mav :wink:



oops yeah apologies didnt pay attention to the time stamp


Great finish, thank god he did convert it though because with two empty net passes available to him left and right it would’ve been a hangable offense to miss it.