Aaron Ramsey (8)


I think you’ve done the full 180 with Ramsey twice now :open_mouth:


Lol yup. We’ve got a 360 kinda relationship.





I’d reckon he would be lampardesque if he had a bit more composure sometimes as he is the same type of player and he was quite prolific.


Ramsey looks amazing right now, he’s been given more freedom now that he’s playing in a more advanced position… He should never see the light of day playing in a midfield pair with Xhaka again, because if Ramsey has had any detractors this season, it’s because those two are the main culprits of how fucking open the midfield has been.

Conversely, now that Xhaka is paired with with Wilshere shielding the defense, the team has looked sooo much better. Jack has been bad controlling the midfield, don’t get me wrong, but unlike Ramsey he doesn’t forsake his midfield duties to make runs into the opponents box in search of goals.


He has no room in the starting eleven IF we sign a proper winger in the summer that is.

I should rephrase; he is destined to play in a midfield two if we sign a proper winger and finally get a propper dm/cm. Obviously he gets the nod over Xhaka.


Yeah it’s a conundrum. We seem to be getting decent width from our full backs but yeah that leads to counter opportunities for the opponent far too often. You are right only course of action is to get a real quality holding midfielder back there as opposed to the traffic cone which is Granit Xhaka.


Ramsey is exactly the sort of player that will benefit from a change in management.

Man makes team of the tournament for Wales in the Euros - if Chris fucking Coleman can get that sort of tune out of him, and also declining Wenger, it tells me that the boy has something about him. Not to mention his cup final goals / performances.

I’ve been a consistent Ramsey sympathiser over the years (big up @Midfield_Maestro and fuck IORP the cunt) and he’s developed to the stage where he is an indispensable asset. Would be absolutely gutted if he left. Wilshere is far more disposable than Ramsey.


Ramsey getting love? What happened to OA?


Not sure it was Chris Coleman as much as the very low quality of play at the Euros. But yeah, Ramsey, like everyone else, would benefit greatly from a new manager.


This Ramsey is even better than the one before his injury against Stoke. Top midfielder.


Didn’t quite a lot of people want Ramsey out (including myself) when he was awful to watch for many years? Now we are saying he could benefit from a new manager, when it was Wenger who put faith in him when we gave up on him? No longer pro-Wenger but the narrative on here is still blame blame Wenger for everything and things we said about in the past had been forgotten.


The perspective I have is that Ramsey has undeniable ability, but Wenger has struggled to coax that out of him on a regular basis. Cream rises to the top eventually. Wenger used to have a great knack of getting the absolute best out of players, but we haven’t seen that quality in the old dog in years. These days, you’ll see players stagnate under him.

I imagine a coach like Guardiola (for example) would have been getting this level of performance out of Ramsey years ago and on a consistent basis.


Very well said. Ramsey is extremely talented and I’m not sure how much credit Wenger really deserves by sticking with an extremely talented player through tough times, while not really being a good manager that maximises his ability and is a good teacher. In retrospect Ramsey’s ability/potential is obvious and the only ones who didn’t see it are those of us who overreacted (that is me and many others, not you Sol) to his bad form and doubted his ability, and I’m not sure how much credit Wenger deserves for simply not being in that group.


Whilst I agree somewhat some blame should also be laid at Ramsey’s feet also.

There was a period where he was overcomplicating his game with far too many flicks and tricks and desire to score even when it’s to the teams detriment, that great season in 2013/2014 really went to his head. Is Wenger to blame for the fact he’s been careless in possession for years and was bad at more than a few of the basics?

At this point with regard to him being more tactically astute as to when he should time his excellent runs it seems to be a natural progression which is down to himself, however, he took his sweet time getting there, other players would have realised it sooner. In sport you need to figure things out yourself at times.

I can’t quite buy Wenger is to blame for everything when it comes to Ramsey’s development.


A good coach would have told him to keep it simple when he was going through a bad patch.

I’m fairly confident that Wenger would have continued to encourage him to express himself and to play with freedom, and his lack of confidence / form at the time would have just exacerbated the poor performances he was putting in.

Tactical awareness comes intuitively to some players (Cesc for example was an 18 year old playing like a 30 year old veteran) but for others, that is coached into you. Ramsey has got there now but again, a different coach who puts more emphasis on the tactical side would have surely got Ramsey to where he is now much quicker.

I’m not saying Wenger is completely to blame, but I think Ramsey could have reached this level a while ago.


Still wouldn’t care if he left.
Don’t think he is so amazing that I will regret seeing him go.


I am pretty sure there was articles of wenger saying that Ramsey needs to keep things simple first, and that scoring wasn’t everything…

People are to quick to dismiss or downplay wengers impact on players; for example ozil started scoring more with wenger, Sanchez played better under wenger, giroud manage to get better. Obviously that have been a lot of misses a long the way.


true. I think wenger telling ramsey to continue to express himself was better for him in some ways.

Alexis also played his bst football under Guidolin and Wenger, so agreed there.

But i think a manager with modern methods could still take ramsey to new levels


If look at sterlin, under Rodgers her played well, under pep he is playing to a similar level with more goals.

Ramsey at the minute is playing at a high level; who knows how far he will under wenger or any other manager that’s to be seen.


Wenger is keen for Ramsey to commit his future to the club by signing a new contract, and says that talks have been taking place.

“We are communicating… yes, I’m confident," the manager said. "He’s not at the end of his contract, he has one and a half years to go.

“From my side it is clear, but you always have to find an agreement. We want him to stay. He’s one of these guys who has been here for a long time. He will be an important player in the future of this club.”