Aaron Ramsey (8)


He’s had 10 years of being grateful. He is probably in a better position than most to judge the situation and is doing the right thing.


Wenger stubbornly staying could cause Aaron to go as well ffs.

Come on bud, just get this guy sacked and stay.

Sick and tired of Wenger’s stubbornness causing exoduses





Clubs a fucking joke.


He must be hearing/reading all the stories of what a manager can do that is actually invested in improving the team and so put his mind in moving on. Can’t really blame him.


Good news if true. Good moves for both parties to move on at this point


Yeah really good move, selling our only competent CM :roll_eyes:


I’d be amazed if Ramsey is still here in September. Good player, stock still reasonably high, reaching his career peak. Interest will be there, he should probably be telling the club “I’m not signing” and forcing a sale this summer


If we can find a suitable replacement we should sell him.

He can’t stay fit and is always playing catch up in that respect and therefore can’t be relied upon in a campaign, we have the habit of holding on to players for far too long.

Selling the likes of Ramsey plays into the rebuild very well IMO as long as we bring in someone capable of getting us on the right track.


Ramsey and competent CM don’t belong in the same sentence.

Not sure what else he can offer this club going forward. Not sure he’s done anything on a consistent basis to warrant a new long term and wage increase contract.

It’s been 10 years since he signed, time to move on. Let’s try something different in midfield


Same applies to Wilshire in your book?


Not necessarily. It’s worth keeping Jack because his future contract will be performance related according to rumours. If we can get him on a low basic it’ll be value for money if he stays fit and continues putting decent performances.

This is a top level football club not a charity. If he can’t stay fit, sell. He’s doing ok fitness wise so far

I know it’s highly debatable but personally I rate Jack much higher than Ramsey. I think he’s more talented and better rounded as a CM.



I don’t have too much of an issue selling Ramsey if he’s replaced tbh. At 27 with dodgy hamstrings it’s not a bad time to sell.


The thing is though, Ramsey is far from being the problem at Arsenal. He is a useful player. Half our squad offer less than he does. While i’m hoping for a rebuild, there is no chance that will all happen in one transfer window so we shouldn’t be selling the players who will help us push on first.

IMO during the next window we should try to tie Ramsey down to a new contract and focus on the positions that desperately need sorting – GK and CBs.


Maybe that’s true in some weird parallel universe but in this one, Ramsey’s is better and it’s not even close.


I’m not saying he’s a problem though, however, the reality is he’s had one great season in one of in not our worst team to date and what two good seasons at a push including this one? Coupled with the fact he is always going to break down.

This is someone who should be on the team sheet on a consistent basis and it will simply never be the case with him and you have to think his muscular injuries will worsen as he ages, I like Ramsey well enough but there’s always a question mark over his place in the team if only for fitness and little else.

Tying him down to a new big contract means we’ve invested in him as one of the main CM options and I don’t think his history and fitness warrants that.


Don’t get why he would force Wenger out the club then leave?

Surely he’d stay to see what’s what under the new manager?

If he wanted to leave he’d rather have Wenger stay no?


Ramsey’s best attribute is his stamina so selling now before that deteriates may make sense rather than pay him the likely 200k a week he’ll probably demand. He’s been good this season but it’s the first time since 13/14 he’s not been shit.

But I’m not sure who’d want him. It’s only going to be a PL club. City don’t need him, Chelsea don’t either, United could maybe play him alongside Matic and Pogba maybe and maybe Liverpool could get him doing a job in their pressing system.


We have Jack “the young lion” Wilshere :wink: @Persona ersona


In some ways it makes sense to sell Ramsey. Until it dawns that we’ll just replace him with someone worse. That’s how we do it.