Aaron Ramsey (8)


Big Weng would’ve done this by now if it were seriously in his thoughts, even less likely since the arrival of Xhaka


I’ve always maintained Ramsey is an undervalued player by a weirdly large amount of the fanbase.

Probably his personality and the fact he doesn’t ‘bleed red’ like our Jacky Boy.





I’d say Ramsey is properly appreciated and valued by the fan base. It valid people have concerns over a massive contract. No one denies his attacking qualities his doubters have always been concerned about him going for glory at the expense of midfield security. His chronic injury problems will always be a concern too, they’re not going to get any better as he ages.

Ramsey between 14 - 16 deserved all the criticism he was getting and his performances are still remembered. He lacked tactical discipline and routinely deserted the midfield which resulted in an open midfield and conceded goals. It’s the reason he was dropped for Santi and Santi’s injury is the only reason he got back in the 11.

To this day he can’t be trusted in a midfield 2. The 3 man midfield is something, that has was regularly advocated which has now alleviates some of his responsibilities burden and allowed him to show his attack qualities. In fairness he has shown load more discipline and timed his runs better.

People rate Jack highly because he’s the closest player we have who has the ability to replicate what Santi did for this team. Personally I think Jack is more well rounded footballer than Ramsey, he has better awareness around the entire pitch, better technical ability and the better football brain as well an ability to contribute to in midfield and the final third.

Ramsey is super productive in the final third but he doesn’t have the ability to control midfield and create from deep. I’d love to keep both if the wages are reasonable


Meanwhile, back to reality.
He is barely good or consistent enough to get in our first team, so I hardly think Real Madrid or Barcelona are going to be tempting him away.


I’d sell him for anything above £50-60 million


For that sort of money I’d throw Xhaka in as well :grinning:


Who the hell would pay that?


Ramsey Barca DNA?


I feel he is worth that in today’s market, especially to cash rich Madrid/Barca


Moley has the answer…




Not sure how true that is. I think with a good partner beside him he has the ability to do this. He’s been doing it this season, at least as much as can be expected of him in the two, and was doing it last season. In 12-13 he and Arteta had the most control of a midfield that we’ve seen in years. You’re certainly right that for the large part of 14-16 he was shit, but between injuries, partnering people like Flamini and Coquelin, and our manager, you can see how such shit performances could come about in retrospect.

Definitely worth 50-60m at least in this market. Given his fucked hammies I’d be okay with a sale and replacing him with a younger midfielder but I’d be disappointed if we sold him for less than £60m.




I wouldn’t sell him on the current form. He has been our best midfielder this season.


Sick and tired of him being crocked


I might actually sell him now despite him being so good so we are under no illusions.


Guy has is made of glass sell him.

Welsh Diaby


His fitness issues did factor into my choice to sell. Chronic injuries aren’t going to get any better as he ages.

We’re doing the right thing with Jack getting him a performance related contract. Rare sensible move from the club instead of giving a fat basic wage


Jesus. What is his injury anyways? Groin?


I’m still only for selling him if we’re signing someone equally as good or better, the rest of our options are trash.


FFS! Just when he was picking up form.