Aaron Ramsey (8)


Thank fuck we have Sven who knows what he’s doing. If he’s all that Sven won’t let him get away.


So Sven is now our chief contract negotiation, transfer guru, head scout…

So he’s basically arrived and usurped Wenger in every imaginable way.


Just need him to be Manager aswell and we good :sunglasses:


Can Sven play centre back too?


Sven is all things to all ppl, do we not have a Mislintat emoji yet what da fuqqqq??!! We still have an ugly ass Sanchez face but nothing of our lord and savior Sven. Smdh :expressionless:


I still find a large portion of the fanbase’s criticism of Ramsey pretty absurd.

He is absolutely vital to our current squad and future and simply must be signed up to a new long term deal.


I’d have Ramsey as skipper. I don’t see any other options, other than a fit Wilshere.


I just got him in my fantasy team!!!



He gives the half time team talks too


Ramsey is a very good midfielder but not a captain. Would only be getting the role due to his longevity.


Your love for Sven is much more readable than the Walcott trolling. Good switch for 2018. :+1:


That guy is not an ITK, hes a bum tweeting from his mum’s basement in america.

I can see him being offered something like £150k -180 like Ox was, though.

Id rather he stays but If he wants to leave, I won’t be that displeased.


It could be Ramsey doesn’t sign if Wilshere does and vice versa. This club ain’t big enough for the both of them? Not in terms of a falling out but they’ll both be considering themselves first choice now both are fully recovered and fit at the same time


The easy solution is to bench Xhaka, and play both of them :wink:


Think Wilshere has been offered a pay cut with loads of incentives tied in. It seems his position is rather down to whether he wants to stay at Arsenal for the foreseeable. Ramsey is in a stronger position to bargain what he wants out of a contract from Arsenal. He knows he could possibly make a step up to another bigger team if there was truly interest.


Utter horseshit. Between this season and 13/14 Ramsey has been a fecking turd. Why do people quote these absolute lemmings


You should get on Twitter and bring the truth to the masses


reminds me of this


Things really do ebb and flow.

A season or two ago people were saying he was barely a midfielder stupid, shit and should be shipped off without second thought now he is so important to the starting XI, been our best player and it’s important he gets a new contract :joy:


Mehh. The general opinion I’ve read around here is that he should be the starter out of our current options. I think everybody would happily take another CM in the summer.