Aaron Ramsey (8)


Question is, does Ramsey want to take a hit to his earnings for a chance at competing at the highest level?

Most footballers around his age take the money. I think Ramsey himself is alot more grounded about his career than around 13/14. The time to make his dream move to Spain has gone due to inconsistency resulting from injury. Not sure if any other league interests him.

I think he accepts a big offer from Arsenal with the off chance of winning a PL title. Could see him leaving if City, Chelsea or Utd on free tbh


I’m not sure why you would compare those three clubs with Juventus. Juventus’ record speaks for itself.


No. He is not good enough, nor was he ever good enough, for Barcelona or Real Madrid. Has nothing to do with his injuries.

Sure, ‘losing’ two or three million over a 4/5-year contract period is huge. But this is it as far as his Arsenal career goes. He or Arsenal is going nowhere in the foreseeable future. That’s why he should take a Juventus offer. It’s not like he’s not going to get a multimillion euros contract.


My point about Spain was from Ramsey’s POV. He said himself he had a desire to play there and in his mind, he could have easily done so if he maintained his 13/14 form.

He’ll sign a Arsenal deal for the same reasons as Ozil.


Ozil already has a La Liga-title and World Cup to his name. Makes it a little more understandable in his case than it would be for Ramsey. From Ramsey’s point of view staying and moving to Juventus both make sense. However in the latter case he gets opportunities he doesn’t get at Arsenal. But at this point Juventus links are only rumours. Good chance nobody will be on the market for him.

His 13/14 form was a purple patch. Certainly not at Barcelona btw. He would have been exposed like van Bommel was.


Because the first 2 are great European Clubs who’ve won the CL multiple times that no player will join because of money. The second was as good as Juve last year and couldn’t hang on to any of their stars.

Juve are small time financially, they can’t compete with big teams in transfers and can’t take starters from richer clubs. They couldn’t compete with us when we signed Alexis Sanchez and they wanted him. They also can’t hang onto their best players for that same reason


It still doesn’t make any sense. Juventus is able to at least compete on the very highest level (2 Champions League finals in three years). The others aren’t.


Monaco won Ligue 1 with a record points total and goto the semi finals of the CL, in terms of accomplisment they were near Juves level and every player wanted to leave for richer clubs.

But Juve like Monaco constantly lose their best players, see: Pogba, Vidal with Juve and Mbappe and co with Monaco. Lemar and Dybala will be leaving next.

Juve simply can’t pull the biggest stars, they have to buy prospects, which they bring in many of Italy and the world’s best.

There’s a reason no British player plays overseas, they all earn double here what they could earn overseas.


Plus they are also just not good enough. Even in their own League a minority.

Juventus has won 6 Leagues in a row and got too two finals. That is slightly different in comparison with Monaco. Ramsey also doesn’t fall in the category of big(gest) star. It’s Ramsey we’re talking about here.


Fake news?



£250k for Ramsey!?!? Shocking, Sell in the summer


No way he is offered that much. and definitely not the captaincy. get out of here.


Has this guy ever tweeted the truth?


ITK’s are gonna ITK.

So, so desperate.




That is a ridiculous tweet lol


I mean we offered Ox 180k a week so is it really that outrageous lol


Hah lemme see what Moley has to say about this brb.


Fucking hell why did I click on that tweet

This is spot on though imo and why he’ll have plenty of suitors if made available in the summer. Paulinho plays regularly for Barcelona btw.



He’s our primary CM and he can walk in 18 months. He’s going to be getting a reasonably big offer from us.

Maybe not 250k but I wouldn’t be surprised by something around 160-200k.