Aaron Ramsey (8)


And what the fuck did Wilshere did the last 2 seasons, injured, being Harry Arter sidekick at Bournemouth, injured again, being barely average for the first half of the season and 2 month of looking slightly less shit during one of the worst run in Wenger career.

Give Jack a starting role and a new contract!!

He’s an exceptional ball carrier but he’s stupid as a rock when it come to positional awareness


Alright, it’s not Jacks best trait but I find myself screaming a lot less at him through the tv for not staying with a runner or generally just being out of the play because he was trying to cherry pick the next counter attack, as opposed to Ramsey.


Ramsey doesn’t balance his runs with normal midfield responsibilities.
I don’t want the holding midfielder completely fending by himself while Ramsey is in right wing.

Wilshere is better :heart_eyes:


I think Ramsey neglecting defensive duties is slightly exaggerated by Arsenal fans, if Jack did the last ditch tackle that denied Swansea a goal during the week he’d be getting all the plaudits, Ramsey did it and nothing is said.


Precisely what I was going to say in response

Seem to remember @Burgundy saying that having looked at the stats Wilshere is no better for this kind of thing than Ramsey is. Would need him to confirm that


Yeah you’re right, Ramsey is the gold standard when it comes to midfield positional awareness, my bad :+1:

Both are fine players, who you prefer comes down to whether you’re willing to give Wilshere the benefit of the doubt with regard to his longevity. If so, Wilshere’s the better option. If not then Ramsey is the better bet long term



Compared to Wilshere, yes he is.

Well let’s see, Ramsey better at attacking, better at defending and makes the whole team perform better.

Wilshere is not the better option, performances don’t support that, stats don’t support that and the eye test doesn’t support that.


Think it is new hipster thing to downplay Wilshere


He’s at it again!

I wonder if he’d consider signing a new contract with our reworked attack. I think it’s more likely Xhaka is the odd man out of that midfield equation.


Remember in 13/14 when he got all those goals? He had playmakers like Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshere and Rosicky setting him up. Now we’ve got Mkhitaryan and suddenly he scores a hattrick, being assisted twice by and once by Iwobi. Coincidence? I think these type of players gets the best out of his runs.


You might be right but for me it just highlights how toxic social media can be, for example Ramsey produced a purple patch level performance yesterday yet people on this platform not just our forum still feel the need to take sly digs at Wilshere for being a completely different player to Ramsey, each to their own I guess.

… Anyway I’m a little late the party with this but I love Ramsey’s movement in the build to our first goal yesterday.

Lovely link up play from Özil, Auba and Mkhi aswell, Wengerball’s Back! :syringe::syringe::syringe::syringe:


Great, let’s see these stats then. The “eye test” is something purely subjective, so if the numbers favour Ramsey, would be good to see that


Old quote but relevant.


This will annoy some people I know, but if he signs another contract and stays another 4 or so years, could he be an Arsenal legend? He’s got two cup final winners already to his name, and one against the blue cunts.

If he helps us achieve more I can support it


Lots have been posted. And the “eye test” isn’t purely subjective, we can objectively say all kinds of things based on the “eye test”. For instance: Ramsey’s movement off the ball is far better than Wilshere’s. His positional awareness is better than Wilshere’s.

I kind of feel you here, definitely feel that some people go over the top in their Wilshere hate. I can understand the instinct though given how quickly Wilshere becomes overrated, the fact that I was seeing him over Ramsey in most Arsenal XIs on this forum after a couple of good performances is testament to that and I can see how it propels people to then make a point to point out his flaws and eventually go over the top in their criticism.



Tweet he was quoting is this btw



Still waiting on these stats that demonstrate Ramsey’s ‘positional awareness’ to be superior to Wilshere’s. Until then it’s subjective.

This is even more the case with ‘movement off the ball’, a very subjective interpretation of ability.


That’s just obvious, hence why I said that the “eye test” is not completely subjective as you said, because the eye test certainly can establish objectively clear things (ie, Aubameyang is faster than Giroud, Wilshere has better technique than Ramsey, Iwobi is better in possession than Welbeck, and a million other objective truths you can say simply from the “eye test”).

The stats referred to are ones that suggest Ramsey is better than Wilshere, the ones TSC referred to in the post you responded to.


Aubameyang can subjectively and objectively be determined to be faster than Giroud. I want you to give me an objective basis upon which Ramsey’s ‘positional awareness’ is better than Wilshere’s.

Instead of just telling it me that it is, I’d like to know why. Educate me oh wise one :+1: