Aaron Ramsey (8)


@Burgundy :smirk:


Love how so many people decided this guy is not in our best XI :rofl:

On a side note, a hat-trick from Ramsey has surely signed the death warrant of another celeb?




Well, Rambo looks back to his 2013/14 form. Love it.


Famous people are worried. The Reaper is coming!


Ramsey’s post madness form is something to behold


Well played for fucking Wenger’s classic attempt to stop a hattrick.




Three great goals for a midfielder. First he’s doing his thing, being fully in the box as that extra man. Second he’s having a whack when he’s in acres of space as he should do and it was a lucky deflection but IMO with no deflection that’s flying into the other side of the net and the keeper is nowhere and we’re calling it a golazo, and finally arriving in the box with a clinical finish.

I’ve been critical of him in the past, mainly because I don’t see the point of a player that makes runs into the box and doesn’t score but if they’re going in I’ve got no complaints. He’s an unorthodox player in an unorthodox role and if he can deliver on that consistently then he might be the sort of player to blag us a result against a big team in Europe.


That 2nd was going in wasn’t it? Looks like it was going to be a class as fuck finish.




Didn’t remember him having such a weird voice :thinking:



He is a Welsh.


Easily our best CM, amazing people were putting Wilshere ahead of him.


Didn’t understand at all when people were benching him for Wilshere in that lineup thread, guy has been our 2nd best player behind Ozil this season


His form across a fairly wide span of two seasons prior to this season is precisely why people were putting Wilshere ahead of him


I was a fucking idiot for not having him in my team.

Sorry Rambo :kissing_heart: peak Frank Lampard today ffs!!


He’s been good indeed but his season is elevated the virtue of practically everyone else being dog shit.

Nice to see him bag a hatrick but I think people that assume he is bordering on the Ramsey of 2013/2014 need to calm down, seems to have matured a bit which I’m guessing is a natural occurrence as it really should have happened much earlier but y’know…Wenger.


Sure he is a fucking beast when he’s in form. It’s something mightily impressive. I’m not gonna get too carried away though because he usually disregards his midfield and defensive duties in search of those goals. I know it’s en vogue to blame Xhaka but didn’t Ramsey play in the match we just got our asses handed to us because Sam fucking Clucas dominated our midfield??

The reason people were happy with Wilshere is he is positionally aware, and He’s a good ball carrier. In a team where we were sorely lacking technical ability, Ramsey included, Jack is a frsh breath of air.


JACK IS BACK JACK IS BACK JACK IS BACK SAVIOUR SAVIOUR SAVIOUR and all that but even I have to say this is pretty funny lol.