Aaron Ramsey (8)


Whilst I’ve become rather neutral towards Ramsey I’m afraid we won’t sign a cm for as long as he is here. I prefer Wilshere over Ramsey. Hence maybe he shouldn’t sign da ting.


Even with a new head of recruitment in place?


He needs to sign if only so we can keep him as an asset. If we lose him on a free that’s not helping anyone. We can maybe squeeze 35 or 40m out of someone like Everton for him.


Legit been our best player with Ozil before his injury.

Wow people have short memories.


I said Wilshere first because his contract expires first.

But, you’re right. I pointed this out when people were doing their best XIs and hardly anyone included Ramsey.


I admit he is in good form but is he good for collective play?

Will he support any midfielder we purchase to pair with him? Or end up alienating him to defend for the whole team?


Ramsey does what he’s asked to do. And tbh, 4 players back in the 3atb we’ve been using for most of this season is more than enough, it’s just poor spacing and coaching from Wenger that is the problem.

Wilshere doesn’t exactly do much defending either (does less) and isn’t nearly as influential as Ramsey.

If I was confident we would sign a player even equally as talented as Ramsey I’d be for selling him because of his dodgy hamstrings, but I’m not.


Do you have one of those stats/articles to back this up or is this an observation? I feel like we play better football with Wilshere involved than we do with Ramsey. My hope is we play both in front of a CDM.


What do you mean by influential? Because if it’s making the midfield tick and controlling Wilshere is much more influential.

If it’s goal scoring, attacking runs and defence it’s Ramsey, typically in his arsenal career he has not been the greatest in possession and also his tactical nous was questionable. There have been countless instances where he just doesn’t consider the tactical implications of his decisions.Someone like Lampard always knew when to stay or go in terms of going forward whereas Ramsey had the tendency to leave a massive whole in the midfield.

This season Ramsey seems to have improved in that area and yes a lot of it is likely down to the shitty coaching he has received, however, I wouldn’t necessarily say he is more influential than Wilshere.


Bit of both but look in the statistics thread, there’s a little bit in there.

Ramsey dropping coincided with the break down of our offence, xG numbers dropped considerably whilst defensive ones stayed the same. Clearly whatever controlling Wilshere was doing wasn’t resulting in the team creating quality shots (And I’m unconvinced he’s really “making the midfield tick” anyway, he’s not a high touch player like Cazorla, Elneny, Ozil or even Xhaka and he’s no more involved in the build up to chances than Ramsey).

I’m yet to see a good argument for Wilshere keeping his place over Ramsey or being a more important player and until then I’ll be convinced peoples preference for Wilshere really comes down to aesthetic.


Still interested to see Wilshere and Ramsey play together, would be amazing if after all these years it finally works. And I could see it working (if Wenger goes).

A #6

Could result in some sexy football.


It won’t work regardless of the manager and you know it very well.


Why shouldn’t it work with a different manager? I genuinely don’t know it very well.


There’s a decent chance it could work because lets face it the tactical side of the team is almost non-existant on a consistent basis.

Both Wilshere and Ramsey would be somewhat different players under the tutelage of very tactically astute managers and it would be for the better.

It’s a bit theoretical though since both will likely not be fit to play in such a set up for a sustained period.


Because they are both player with large flaws inherent to they’re game that can compound into a unexisting, non-working midfield. And their strengths lack any type of synergy.

What one would see would be WIlshere trying to dribble through the midfield, allow the defence to set and take away the space Ramsey exploits with his runs and then Wilshere will lose the ball because of his refusal to combine until forced to leading to the opposition to simply run by and overwhelmed 6.





Can we reduce the blasphemous act of finding flaws in Jack’s game?


Agreed, Wilshere h8rs must be censured.


It’s probably just me but I think that comes down to one thing, movement. Ramsey was litreally the only one of our goal threats running in behind on a consistent basis, which opened up time and space for others to exploit which couldn’t be said for the likes of Alexis or Lacazette this season for one reason or another.

As much as I enjoy watching Ramsey’s elite level movement in the final third here’s hoping we’re not gonna be so overly reliant on it now we’ve got Aubameyang.