Aaron Ramsey (8)


I know we “should” be. But that takes time. Aaron Ramsey is not the problem, he is quite far down the list of priorities in my opinion. We should be aiming to keep him, and focus on more important positions on the pitch.


I think the best thing Arsenal can do right now is acquire 4-5 good talents in the next few transferwindows and build from that. Trying to get replacements in for Sanchez/Ozil is papering over the cracks at this point.


Guy has hamstrings like glass. Surely we could get one better?


We can always theoretically get better, but we have way bigger needs for upgrading than Ramsey… we are losing our best and that is the wrong direction.

Should get rid of about 10-12 players before Ramsey: welbeck, Giroud, Walcott, per, deboosh, xhaka, le coq, Santi, moose, and more…


Thing is it’s not about actively flogging Ramsey right now. Hate the logic that you have to get rid of other player before a particular one. It should be looked at on an individual basis for each player

My concern is that I don’t want to bind the next manager with an ageing midfielder, with a history of persistent soft muscle injuries, inconsistent form, on a long term contract with massive wages. That would be a huge mistake imo. It’s about time we change the reckless culture at this club that rewards averageness.

I don’t think Ramsey is important to the short or long term success of this club. It’s about time we brought in some great midfield prospects for the next manager to mould competently

We’re coming up to a key period with alot of contracts expiring, This could be a massive opportunity to change the mentality and quality of the squad for the better if we handle it right.


Yeah but it would take 3-4 years at least to turn over the bulk of the squad - you can’t simply look for a new 11+, you have to try to retain some of the more solid performers. I am not suggesting we handle it in serial order independently - that is ridiculous of course lol. But what I am saying is that if we keep getting attrition at the top, I would rather we try to keep a few of the middle while we rebuild. I don’t think it is realistic for Arsenal to change massively that fast.

Having said all that, I’d frankly be ok with a few down years if it gave me more hope long-term… this half-assed sort-of fighting and sort-of challenging is f*ing purgatory.


I think it can go quicker than you think. Mertesacker is retiring, Ozil and Sanchez are leaving, Giroud is probably interested in a move. But the players Wenger/Mislintat have on their list can’t have too many failures.


Underappreciated lol. He’s having a decent season mixed in with displays of braindead stupidity in crunch moments. Under Wenger he hasn’t flourished apart from one outrageous season.


Didn’t Wenger say it was a minor hamstring on the 10th of December ? :joy:


Its never minor with Ramsey and his dodgy hamstrings


Yeah I know, just know idea why Wenger would bother saying that when no one would have believed it anyways, though Wenger gonna Wenger.


Wenger said today that Ramsey faces a fitness test and might be fine for the weekend. If so, then that wouldn’t be far off Wenger’s estimate of early January.


Hopefully a Wilshere-Ramsey axis with Xhaka benched


That would still be 5 weeks, I wouldn’t call that a minor Hamstring, not an overly lengthy one but not a minor one.


Ramsey next



not so sure if i would be hurt if he doesn’t I wouldnt say i hate him but at the same time i feel we can do so much better than him. He isnt Welbeck type of ‘using up squad space’ but at the same time i feel there are so so many talents out there that could replace him and be far more useful.


Jack Wilshere first!


I don’t really see the point in resigning Ramsey at this point. Why waste wages and game time on him which could be given to more interesting midfield talents.

Although I’m very concerned about our homegrown quota, I haven’t seen anything from Ramsey which warrants a pay rise or a long term deal. He’s been here for 10 years let’s try something different


Ramsey’s a strong bench option/ squad player if we’re using Man City as the benchmark to which we aspire. If you can keep him happy in such a role that is*. He’s far removed from weak squad depth but I feel if you look at the overall package we could buy a better b2b player

*you can’t, that’s part of why Giroud was of such value


I’m very far from convinced Arsenal will be signing interesting midfield talent.

The list of better b2b players is very very short and they’re either old or clearly out of our reach.

I thought Tolisso would have been a great option for us (great b2b, very versatile), he ended up going to Bayern.