Aaron Ramsey (8)


Yes that would be an impressive individual feat but masked by the fact that his style of play is hindering the overall team.


How? Been class this season except for the Liverpool game IMO.


The same way Theo would rack up statistics but he is hurting the team.

Ramsey is playing in way too aggressive a position leaving Xhaka alone to cover the whole midfield.
Of course Wenger is allowing it to happen but Ramsey stretches it way too far.
When Elneny plays in his place, he doesn’t leave the midfield.

Yes he has been good individually but team is also left exposed in result.


Please tell me that’s an observation of Elneny ? Not you suggesting you’d rather him start over Ramsey ?


I rather Ramsey pipe down a bit & not play right wing while a slow lump in Xhaka is left covering for him alone.
If he does that & behave like a midfielder should, I wouldn’t ever recommend Elneny over him.


And then Xhaka and Elneny go to the same spots :joy: disaster against West Brom.

I admittedly didn’t see the Liverpool game, but he was fine and disciplined enough against Chelsea away when needed. We’ve had an easy run at home so far this season and he’s been required to join in and be the 4th attacker to help unstable the opposing backline and create some openings. He’s still averaging over 50 passes a game.

I think playing once a week has really benefited Ramsey. Pretty clean run of health so far and he’s looking very fit again.


Being a 4th attacker is one thing and just hanging around as an attacking midfielder the whole match is another.

2011-12 & 12-13 Ramsey used to rack up passing statistics, most tackles, most ground covered. He was a proper midfielder man.
And he did his job fine being an extra attacker during that time as well.

Is it really necessary for him to not be a midfielder anymore? It’s not even like he is some amazing dribbler like Cazorla who could make consistent impact in final third.


Exactly. This system suits him well thought, as it gets the best out of him.


This guy has been quietly having a very good season indeed, not as many goals but he’s been very tactically astute by not leaving the midfield gaping at every opportunity which has typically been a major criticism.

Great game from him today.


A very good game from him. Dominated the midfield and set up some nice passes.


Very quietly indeed. Big improvement this season especially the way he’s become a lot more well rounded at centre mid.


But that’s the thing here isn’t it? People are quick enough to judge when certain players are playing poor but very slow in their praise when they do well. Ramsey is the perfect example of being a victim of this. He’ll have a shocker at some point and mark my words the “Ramsey is shit” brigade will be back.


Very underrated this season. He’s the all performing CM that has the benefit of being a brilliant outlet towards goal. Seems to be picking his runs perfectly whilst still getting back into position to either defend/build again. He never could make that vital transition in the past I feel but is honing all of this nicely now.

At the end of the season he will have one year left on his contract right?


His through balls and long passes were much better today and he was pressing really well.


He’s performing to a level that we should expect of a player of his ability and experience. It’s good to see and long may it continue.


I honestly don’t think he’s been anything special this season and I’m a little surprised by all the praise. The two CM spots continue to look to me as the easiest areas to improve our team.


I thought he was one of the only dissapointmemts against Spurs. He lost possession in our half a few times and kept slipping over.


Why, because he hasn’t been scoring a shit load of goals like in his best season?

He is seemingly becoming a lot more tactically astute this season and even though it’s basics because his game is very good in the attacking sense by being disciplined and helping out the back four his influence in the middle has been very good overall this season.

Today he slipped over a few times and got some new boots but he was a key reason as to why we bullied Spurs.


No I just think we’ve looked awful this season and our pedestrian midfield is a key reason as to why. We usually associate the midfield as one of Arsenal’s strengths but I’ve never witnessed that with Ramsey as cm, unless I think really far back, and even then that was more to do with have better players around him in the middle of the park.

For me Ramsey is a squad player, and there is nothing wrong with that really.


I don’t agree tbh, sure we can do better than Ramsey, however, Wenger has no intention of replacing him and besides he’s having a very good season regardless.

If anyone should be getting stick in midfield it’s Xhaka, would be nice to see Wilshere and Ramsey in the same midfield perhaps in a three.