Aaron Ramsey (8)


Very, very good from Ramsey today was a disciplined performance and this is how he should play.

Pick the moments to time his great runs without leaving the defence pissing in the wind, it’s such a simple concept but just not something that we see enough from our CM’s.


Shame it’s not Ramsey of 12/13 or that chip in woulda found the back of the net.


The ball had no spin so bounced back out


Very good performance. He has been quite good for us this season, hasn’t he?


Yeah I guess. When he stays in position.


Thought he was fantastic today, especially in the 1st half.


that is the ramsey that plays for wales, finally playing for us a bit now too!



Very good today


Had ozil played where ramsey was, as woeful as Chelsea were, we’d have lost.

Great dynamic display by the Welsh Wizard


My boy had a good game today


Would like to see the same people quick enough to jump on his back be quick enough to praise him, highly unlikely though.

Great performance from him today and definitely one that echoes his international for for us.


That was a great performance today and the kind we were seeing more regularly back in 2012-2014. If he does that more often he really can be considered a quality central midfielder. Even playing in a more disciplined fashion than he often does he’ll still get goals and catch the eye, due to the quality of the timing of his runs.

I think it’s why people, myself included, get so frustrated with him. He absolutely has the qualities to be one of the league’s best, he showed that for a season and a half back in the aforementioned period.




So according to that he is actually incredibly poor at scoring goals?


Yep, remarkable in getting good shot but terrible finishing.

He’s has underperformed his xG in every season except the 13-14.


Unfair, I don’t recall any clear cut chances that Ramsey has missed.
He is a midfielder. This is not a metric to judge him.


He’s a midfielder who’s only specialist trait is getting himself into the box. Every other part of his game is unspectacular. If his game shouldn’t be judged by his ability to finish chances he’s given, then why on earth is his game focused around getting into attacking positions whenever he can? To dummy and backheel?


In that year he was playing at least 8/10 in damn near every game.

Unfortunately don’t think we’ll see that scoring form from him ever again, which sucks because he’s capable of making multiple great runs every game but just can’t consistently put the chances away.

One of the reasons Dele Alli scores so much is because he not only makes the great runs but finishes them off, conversely Ramsey misses for fun.