Aaron Ramsey (8)


i think a lot of our players would be great under another manager. This is what i think about Nelson, he looks like he could be quite a player but i dread what wenger will do it him.

Lets be honest, Bellerin came on and we were like wooooooooooooooow look at him now. Iwobi came on woooooow we have a player now meh, there is a definite theme here, i wouldnt trust wenger with my fucking bog roll now!


Fuck me, things are really falling apart in the team. This is bad, very very bad.


he can still have a long distance friendship with him, it’s not the end of the world for Rambo


Whaaaat, is that legit??


Yep. It’s on his instagram!

people are saying that shambles is the internal squad nickname for Ox because he’s often late to training but I don’t believe that for a second haha


Hmm, Ramsey saga next summer.

Best thing that could happen this season is Wenger being sacked and we bring Tuchel in, give him the season to work and evaluate the squad and allow him to rebuild. Wenger doesn’t deserve another chance at rebuilding this squad.


Good, I think our team needs a massive shakeup anyways, and I think all of you agree. Ramsey is a midfielder trying to be a striker. #shambles is this mother fucker in midfield.


ramsey can fucking go in all if he wants, he has been subpar for 9/10ths of his career here in fact 99% of the fucking squad can piss off as far as i am concerned


I’m confused, what’s Ramsey done?


Shambles? Fuck off, you cunt!


if he is calling arsenal a shambles (yes it is true that his nickname too) he is part of the problem as well


Ramsey is using Ox’s nickname in a post about Ox.

Not sure what the problem is here lol.


Any the very least the problem is that’s Ramsey is a fucking moron if he didn’t think how that could be construed


Yeah this is much ado about nothing. Chambo. Shambo. Shambles. He was given that nickname a while ago. I remember reading an interview with Holding where he said Per gave him the nickname.


Honestly I think anyone looking at that and deciding he is calling Arsenal a shambles is a moron.


He says he’s sad to see him go and has hash tagged #shambles

How do you think anyone that doesn’t know his nick name is shambles (I definately didn’t until just now) is honing to take that other than as a dig at the club?



Arsenal fans love a conspiracy theory


I had no idea he was called shambles as a nickname. Pretty stupid in-joke to post given the fact the club is, in fact, a fucking shambles.


Great in 3 out of 4 matches so far.