Aaron Ramsey (8)


Nice to see him score in the most irrelevant moment of the season :xhaka:


Irrelevant? His contract talks will be happening next week :mustafi:


Ramsey 13/14 is back baby! :ramsey:


He sure loves deciding big games :smile:


Like in 2014! :giroud2:


Ramsey still killing celebrities…:ramsey:


Well done to Rambo. He’s been given a lot of stick, and at times quite rightly so for it, but he’s come up with the goods just like 2014 when it matters the most/ Any frustration anyone might’ve had for him can be all forgiven on days like today.




Xhaka Ramsey are gods together. YESSSS


Loving ramsey recently. Really gone about his business in a great way.




Really come into his own these last 5-7 games well in, what a guy


Scored in the most irrelevant moment v Everton last week and most important moment v Chelsea today :sunglasses:


On this form I am totally good with Ramsey being our starting CM going into next season. Thinking about it, do we even need to sign another CM? Ramsey and Cazorla could make a good rotation next season, when the inevitable hamstring injuries likely to come, unfortunately.

Hopefully we could flog Elneny off and incorporate Jeff and Maitland-Niles (as a 6 or wing-back) more into the team in the early stages of the Europa League. Mesut said today that Jeff is the future of Arsenal so it must be true. I just know that an interview of Santi on Arsenal.com will come out next season where he’s asked who impresses him the most in training and he’ll say Abou…I mean Jeff.


I like this thinking–provided that the new formation stays in place. If so, who would be cover for Xhaka? If Xhaka is out, do you switch back formations for Coq? I do think that Ramsey or Santi would flourish in the position and would rotate for each other. Perhaps, the Jeff would get early round cup games at the CM spot.

Of course, this assumes AW is still here.

Edit to add: put a stone cold killer (new signing) up front to convince Sanchez/Ozil to stay and you have the makings of a really good team. I like Ox and Hector as wingbacks with their pace.


I certainly wouldn’t want to see Coq play anything but wing back with the current formation, or coming on late to pick up a yellow card with hideous tackles Flamini style against cunts like Stoke.

I would say flog him off too but he’s got some versatility with the wing back being a good fit for him, and it’s just not gonna happen (him being flogged off). He’s very much a part of this dressing room and Wenger leaving (which isn’t happening) is the only thing that would see him go.

Back-up for Xhaka could be Maitland-Niles. Xhaka for me gives the feeling of a brick house who just won’t get injured and can play practically every game, except those he misses out from suspension.


Xhaka certainly has the steel in him. Found the formation for him too. He’s been really good since the formation change.

I’ve seen Niles as part of a makeshift backline for cup games. Is he more of a midfielder?

Can Coq transition to a wing back role? The flying tackle line give me a good chuckle.

Theo seems to be the odd man out with the new look.

Seems the key to making this formation really ruthless is getting the killer forward. With Ozil and Sanchez feeding that guy, goodness…


Imagine being able to say you’d scored the decisive goal in two FA cup finals. :slight_smile:


I’d say we most definitely need a new CM, Ramsey has done well for this spell but he’s injury prone and despite his heroics I’m not convinced he’s the answer in our midfield, under a new manager I wouldn’t mind if he stayed on, however, we need some new life in the middle.

At this stage Santi simply needs replacing we shouldn’t be doing a United and pinning so much hope on an ageing CM who is now injury prone to boot particularly when there are quite a few young CM talents floating around.


I’m reversing course on Aaron Ramsey too, he’s undeniably come back into form over the last couple of months and is clearly an asset when you focus on the good part of his game and not the ball distribution aspect.

Xhaka and Ramsey is the all round best central midfield unit we’ve had in years and we should stick with it going forward. Cazorla is obviously as good a cover as you’re going to get, and keep one of Elneny/Coquelin for your late in the game stifling tactic.