Aaron Ramsey (8)


I’d love to go back to the old forum and read what you were saying about Ramsey in 13/14.


Thought this season got the #8 out of him. Seems like it hasn’t. Big performance by Rambo. Old school doing the silent work.


You know what as critical as I am of him - he was my MOTM today. Did so much of the dirty work and his pressing has been critical.



Big game player


He’s going out the right way.

He’ll have left his mark when it’s all said and done.

Great performance.


Gets my respect for leaving it all on the pitch before he goes. Been very dependable. Professional.


He was fantastic. Great to see him go on a high


bUt GiRoUd WaS mOrE iMpOrTaNt


I don’t tell lies


We’re gonna do well in the summer to find a player who can cover all his attributes together

That’s as big a comlement I can pay to him. Thank you Rambo, what a pro!


Great performance by Ramsey today and if he played like this regularly no one would be saying he was on par with Giroud. It’s sadly very rare and a massive waste of his talent that he hasn’t done this more often outside of 2013


Great game, no doubt about it.


His work ethic today was absolutely fantastic, giving his all for the club until the final day of his contract.

Love you Rambo :heart_eyes:.


Great from him today. Give it a few days though it’ll be the same old story of berating him


I think that is a pretty damning stat saying the last time he’d done it was 2013. Still if Ramsey played like this consistently yeah he’d be absolutely fantastic. And to credit him he’s on a purple patch atm.


Ramsey is given it his all to be fair to him. I don’t think he’s ever come close to the 13/14 season, but I think this season has been one of his better ones. He’s performed in the big matches, worked his ass off and hasn’t let Arsenal down. I don’t know if I call him a legend, but I think Ramsey definitely deserves high praise for what he’s done for Arsenal.

Still find it weird that Juventus are paying him those kind of wages and that he be a first teamer.


Very good player this guy, underrated by Arsenal fans. Won player of the season deservedly last season and was, along with Özil and Aubameyang, with Torreira, Guendouzi, and Lacazette as important supporting foundations after, what should of been the pillars behind the immediate post-Wenger project.

Our sporting direction is such a fucking shambles lol, starting of course with two fids and the unnameable bald cunt. Even would’ve been understandable if we had sold Ramsey last season, having decided that now that we had locked up Özil we couldn’t pay big for Ramsey, but of course makes no fucking sense to then go hire a manager who anyone with a lick of common sense could see wasn’t a good fit for Özil and decide to just let one of our few important assets/difference-making players go for free. :facepalm:

This was still a pretty quality squad which became more decent with a couple of shrewd signings like Torreira, Sokratis, and Guendouzi, it’s honestly a catastrophe not to take advantage of Spurs not spending a cent, Chelsea being in a transition year without a striker, and United having a Mou collapse, + having the good luck we had in the first half of the season, outperforming our performances significantly a la 13-14 first half, to not finish in top 4. Such favourable conditions will not repeat in coming years. Anyways, hard to tell if lucking into some marginal success/CL qualification and the benefits it brings + playing out the pointless two fids/Emery era over a number of years of Wenger-esque 4th place battles mediocrity or if more extreme short-term disappointment + faster big change (getting a real manager with ideas and vision or a real sporting director with ideas and vision which would inevitably result in the latter) is better.

Also, Petr Cech dives like Olivier Giroud winds up his left boot, in slow motion.


Said this in the match thread but I don’t think he’s played this well in ages. Not saying he hasn’t had some good patches over the last 4-5 years but not like this. Even the forward passes are there. With that ability and engine he could have been much more.


Very professional player. He is giving his best despite leaving at the end of the season.