Aaron Ramsey (8)


As much as I hate him, Persie carried us to 4th.


Until the end of time I will never understand how he can be so highly rated by sections of Arsenal fans.


How so many fans can look past this says a lot about how fanboyish and ignorant supporters can be.

Unless a team plays exactly to his style his runs, goals and engine simply don’t make up for his lack of an all round game.

A midfielder that can’t even spot or play a pass is about to be a legend. The bar is set to an all time low.


I love Aaron. Fuck all of you! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Did you intentionally post a picture to prove her point?


Both are legends. Y’all can f off! :joy::joy:


Giroud had a calendar year where he smashed 30 goals. That definitely compares to Ramsey performing in 2013 and then scoring a FA Cup final winner assisted by no other than Giroud. Ramsey assisted Giroud to a header that hit the cross bar too just before that.


If people think peak Ramsey and peak Giroud are similar it’s rather baffling.

The similarities I agree they do have is they’re both highly inconsistent, but Ramsey’s best is substantially better and Giroud’s worst is also substantially worse.


It really isn’t. Ramsey chipped in with goals for 6 months, while his playmaking was still crap and while at the same time literally assisting the opposition goals. In 2013 he won the ball allot, which was a positive. From 2014 onwards he didn’t. His end product has been okay since then but to get that end product he’s completely ignored his midfield duties.

Essentially he had a 6 month purple patch. Giroud had a 12 month purple patch when he netted 30 goals.

Ramsey has been a decent to average midfielder and Giroud the same as a striker, Except I’d rate Giroud to be higher in all honesty. And in truth we never put anywhere near enough decent crosses on Girouds head either.


Let me put it this way.
There was a huge time period where either due Santi being injured or Coquelin being ineffective or Xhaka being Xhaka, the midfield was wide open for a quality midfielder to cement his place in our midfield.

A player of legendary status would have cemented his place in the team in that phase or otherwise.


You have to understand that certain players are suited to specific systems and won’t always be as effective when shoehorned into roles where they aren’t naturally built for. It’s up to the management to facilitate the right kind of environment where a players strength can be utilised. Ramsey’s strength clearly is in the final 3rd of the pitch which means he’d lack defensive discipline needed to play in a midfield 2. There are 2 ways it goes from there, either he goes with his natural instincts and plays his natural game at the expense of handicapping the team defensively, else he has to supress his attacking game to play in a more conservative role which would mean he is not effective anymore.

There are plenty of examples of this with highly successful players like Pogba who does his best in a midfield 3 vs. a 2 and the classic case of Lampard + Gerrard in the England midfield where neither of them were effective due to not having the ideal system/ players to play with.
It’s the managers onus to find the right system to get the best out of his best players. In 2013 we looked like we found the right system for Ramsey to thrive, but he got injured and soon after Ozil took over that role. I feel that if can stay fit, he’s the ideal player for a midfield 3 and would be an hit at Juve if the new manager plays the same system they currently play. A manager like Emrey who has no prefered system will always find players like Ramsey & Ozil surplus to requirements as they aren’t adaptable to roles that aren’t customised for them. If Emrey stays we’ll see more players like Iwobi and Mhki come in who can play multiple roles and are easily adaptable to different systems.


True but Ramsey had a great stint with Arteta in midfield 2 before his purple patch.
Ramsey is well capable of playing there hit he choose to stick on to the role of the purple patch.
Wasted talent imo.


Somehow when he’s playing for Wales this is very much different and he is very effective as an actual centre midfielder in a box2box-role. Where has it gone wrong than at Arsenal?

Btw. It isn’t very clearly his strength imo. He has so many misplaced passes and ineffective possessions in and around the box.


He plays a free role with 2 sitting midfielders alongside him for Wales. A b2b role is different from a midfield 2.

He gives the ball away cause he’s looking to create dangerous situations and committing defenders around the box which involves making risky play attempts. He may not be ideally suited for a Pep style possession game, but he’s highly effective in and around the final 3rd. Despite starting only 11 times this season he is top of our assists charts, make what you can of this.


And yet his overall performances both attacking and defending are still better with Wales then with Arsenal.

Being adventurous with the ball is not a reason to be ineffective. Especially when people are claiming that that is his strength. Kolasinac is equal with him in that statistic if not has one more. So what does it mean?


In no season at Arsenal has Giroud scored 30 goals. Measuring by calendar year gives you 12 months, whereas a regular season is 9-10 months long.

In fact, the most he scored in a single season for Arsenal was 24 (53 games). And he only achieved a goals per game ratio of higher than 0.5 in one season (one season out of 5 and a half).

Ramsey at his best was world class, even if only was for a short period of time. He was literally tackling, pressing, creating, dictating tempo and scoring all at once. Giroud, despite showing he has some very good qualities, was at no point demonstrating world class ability.

Loads of the elite clubs were interested in Ramsey before he decided on Juventus. Giroud would never garner that sort of interest, even in his prime.

Ramsey > Giroud all day.


No a calendar season doesn’t give you 12 months because you still don’t play in the summer do you? I can’t find the vid of those 30 goals, it used to be youtube.

I’m not sure you can call a 4 month period world class. He has a 4months of a perfect storm where he had Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshere, Arteta, Rosicky and yes Giroud putting him in on goal constantly.

Giroud actually assisting 5 of his 13 goals that season for the record.

And the rest of the time Ramsey wasn’t considered reliable enough to play in a midfield 2. He wasn’t considered good enough to displace Coquelin in the centre. And when he did how many times did we suffer because of him being out of position?


Ramsey as the outball :laughing: Mildly amusing.

Shoulda kept on Aubameyang and subbed Mikhtaryan


I’d also give the edge to Giroud because at least he was healthy. The best ability? Availability derp. Ramsey spends about 3 months of the season on the treatment table.