Aaron Ramsey (8)


It’s a more than reasonable take.

Giroud’s positive contribution to this club is very similar to Ramsey going off the same criteria people are labelling Ramsey a legend.

Longevity, contribution in cup finals, tons of clutch goals, slumdog story, international star and tons of great goals and link up play throughout his time here. Giroud is a legend the same way Ramsey is.

What has Ramsey done for this club that elevates himself above Giroud?


Yup the criterias used for Ramsey to be considered as a legend can be used for other players as well.


I mean Ramsey is a 2x Arsenal player of the season. Apparently he’s played two good games in his career :joy:

Giroud is the definition of mediocrity. Only ever rated when he was a bench option. Stunk it up regularly when he was a starter. Ozil, Alexis, Santi, Ramsey wasted with Giroud up front :cry:


Ramsey stunk it up for more than 50% of the games he’s played for Arsenal lol


Ramsey is a better footballer than Giroud, that’s why he’ll go and start consistently for Juve, while Giroud pretty much rides the pine at Chelsea even when they didn’t have a legit striker.

Nothing against Giroud btw, but Ramsey is the better player.


Better than Giroud who stank the place up for approx 66% of the time.:arteta:


So a fan vote is what elevates Ramsey above Giroud? That’s pretty thin tbh

Its selective memory to highlight his two above average seasons out of years of inconsistency and various other issues. Fact there isn’t a public out cry about him leaving tell you all you need to know

@Aussiegooner - This isn’t a discussion about who the better player is. It’s about contribution to the club during their time here. Giroud and Ramsey’s output is similar. Theres no basis to view Ramsey’s arsenal career as more accomplished or more productive than Giroud’s


Always comes down to that in these sort of discussions though. You’ve outlined nicely above how they were similar enough in terms of contribution so all that’s really left after that is fan sentiment.


Ramsey’s 13/14 season when he was a top 5 player in the league elevates him above Giroud in terms of contribution to the club, I know he’s inconsistent and all that, but Giroud never had a season in the same ballpark.


I agree that Giroud was a level below some of the midfielders he has played in front of but I wouldn’t include Ramsey in the same sentence as Sanchez, Ozil or Cazorla.

He is hard working and has had some great games for us but there have been too many times where there were long stretches of average performances and his inconsistency was very frustrating.

He scored some good goals for us but was also often a selfish player that would go for the spectacular shot, seeing the ball go way off target, rather than passing to a team mate who was better placed.

Under Wenger he was never a regular starter, so he wasn’t as important to the first team as some a making out and it seems as if Emery is of the same opinion.


Ramsey starting consistently for Juventus is more an indication of the lack of quality at Juventus right now. The midfield has been a problem for a couple of seasons now. They have failed to adequately replace Pirlo, Pogba, Vidal and Marchisio.


Giroud was 31 when he joined Chelsea. Ramsey is 28.

Given how inconsistent Ramsey is, I won’t be so sure about him being a must have for Juventus.


That’s why I pointed out the lack of quality at Chelsea’s number 9 position as a comparison.


This is fair enough, I can conced that point.

I still dont view that as enough for Ramsey to be considered a legend for this club even by post 2010 standards


Leave Giroud out of it. Ramsey can only dream of such beard game.


Nobody has become a legend at the Emirates yet. Had a few very good players but we havent done anything of significance as a club for anyone to reach that status.


Yeah I don’t mind this line of thinking tbh, it’s true we haven’t achieved or become what we’d hoped since moving to the Emirates.


Oh yeah, that was my point exactly. There can’t be consensus on something like this and some will go one way and some the other.


In terms of contribution in the Emirates era (performances + not behaving like an absolute cunt) I’d rate him 4th behind Cesc, Kos and Santi. I am not sure whether this entitles him to legendary status, but he’s certainly in the list of the better individuals we’ve had in the recent past.