Aaron Ramsey (8)


He probably has got that from the club, but spin to me implies it is untrue or at least exaggerated, which I doubt.

He’s getting that reported 400k at Juve, a club who are far better than us. If he can command the interest of richer and way more successful clubs like Juve, there’s basically no way he was going to stay here. The interest didnt come out of the blue this January, he’d have known what was likely to be to be on the table before we withdrew the offer.


Why didn’t he sign than? If he wanted to stay he could have and should have put pen to paper, no?

“Everything has been going great with the club – we thought we were in a position where we had agreed a deal but that’s no longer the case,” Ramsey said. “So I just have to carry on playing my football and do my best for Arsenal this season and I’ll leave the rest with the club.

“Am I disappointed? That’s a decision they have made and things happen in football and you just have to get on with it. That’s all I am concentrating on and giving my best for Arsenal.”


I think Ramsey or at least his representatives were playing both sides. I remember hearing back in 2015-2016 on an episode of the Tuesday Club that basically Ramsey was convinced he could hack it in La Liga.

Now that rumor might be false but it at least speaks to the idea that Ramsey was always looking to up his brand. I’m sure his reps were soliciting offers from other clubs while simultaneously talking to Arsenal and pitching him as a captain and a guy who would serve out the rest of his career at the Emirates.

Personally I think he was always going to leave.


I have no problem with him leaving because he wasn’t a first team regular and was far too inconsistent.

He and his agent knew exactly what they were doing, and have made a fortune from Juventus, while we have lost a potential 30m transfer fee and have paid a seasons wages, for a player that thinks he’s to good for us.


Ramsey will put lots of effort in the first half of the season then drop off like he did for us. After that it will be inconsistency.


I’m gonna miss him :pensive:



ARSENAL :clap: LEGEND :clap:

(The last time I’ll use that stupid thing of putting claps between words)


Agreed, but a lot of people get pissed when I say it lol


True Gunner.


They can do one then. :joy:


I dunno about legend, but yeh I kinda do love it if that’s in fact what Ramsey was saying there.


Keep playing Ramsey if he plays like he does today. Better option than Ozil.

His best leaving present for us would be a top 4 finish and a European trophy.

Very level headed and likeable guy is Ramsey


Hopefully we can tease it out over the course of about 150 or so posts.


Legend for me too, the length of time spent at the club, the vital goals in big games which have won us trophies. The way he’s handled himself and just cracked on has been brilliant.

People love to hate on Rambo because it suits their agenda, but the stats say otherwise.


Ramsey is a “legend” in the same way Giroud is


:eggplant::eggplant: ??


When he is on it he is so good. We will miss his drive in the middle.


Luca you left the forum right?
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The happiest 85 seconds of his life. I wish I had the willpower to do the same.