Aaron Ramsey (8)


Thats a seperate matter your twisting into the argument. The big difference here is there is no list of clubs knocking on the door. Leave it to you to work that one out.


I still don’t believe he’s on 400k a week in wages, I’m tipping it’s closer to the 200k mark with a signing on fee.


I am not twisting, I am bringing in 2 arguments and arguing 2 issues here.


Same exact argument I’ve seen for Rambo during the summer in 2018 tbh and it wasn’t long ago that the cream of the top were fighting for his signature.
Realistically Arsenal would require a hefty sum for Ozil. We’ve seen reports of Inter wanting Ozil in exchange for Perisic to which Arsenal said no. Doesn’t take too much to figure it out, Arsenal consider Ozil a massive asset and probably think they could fork some coin selling him.


Apparently the tax in Italy has inflated his wages.


He’d be worth 150-200 without a signing on fee. Let’s say he’s worth a 50m fee, that’s an extra 240k a week over 4 years.

Alexis is rumoured to be on something like 550k at United and it was essentially the same situation.


Teams pay big money when they want top players. Mbappe, Coutinhio CR7 VVD. No one came last year and only Inter on a swap deal tells you hes not an essential need for the big boys.


Coutinho hasn’t worked out for Barca either, always thought he was slightly overrated and Liverpool did insanely well to get that much coin for him.


Nobody knocked on Barcelona’s door to inquire Messi, so he is useless?

Nobody (Inter did) asked for Ozil so he is shit?

What a logic.


Im guessing they will get shut. Issue in this argument is that he has to be played by the club if he performs or not.


Just embarrassed yourself there.


I think you did it to yourself, but anyway, doesn’t matter to me.


Assuming it’s paid across the length of his contract what the difference?


Yeah that’s true no real difference, it would have to be an amazing signing on fee bonus though for it to equate to 400k a week for 4 seasons though.

If it is all true, good luck to Ramsey, basically got the best of both worlds now, top 5 European club + massive salary.


We don’t know that. In hindsight it may look dumb giving Ozil a contract last year but I have no doubt there were many suitors for him. I think the key there was that Ozil never wanted to leave. Seems like a guy who appreciates storge. Mourinho said it too. Factors like our fans(still better than Madrid), London life and possibly Wenger probably helped.
And practically, quality is quality. Inter would beg for anyone to come in for Perisic after being mediocre for them. But we did(not because we’re dumb, but we know how good he can be).
Sneijder wasn’t playing at a top level yet Man Utd had a flirt with him every year. The interest was always there but they couldn’t strike a deal. Matic was deemed surplus by Conte and Man Utd scooped in and got him. Mata the same before. Coukd put a lot of examples, I think you get the point. I’m sure Ozil with his rich CV surely can lull some interest. This summer will be an interesting one.


Headline figures as far as I’m aware are normally signing on fees spread over the contract, weekly salary and an overestimated guess at bonuses spread over the contract.

Nobody ever releases what they really are, so you can never know where these numbers come from.

I doubt Ramsey will drain 400k a week over 4 years, the same way I doubt Ozil will drain 350k a week.


Ozil’s 350k was not too much for us, we did it… the issue around Ozil is more complicated than just his compensation… I don’t think anyone would complain if he was performing reliably at a WC level for us (not saying it is his fault per se).

The point I was making is that there is a reason that out of contract signings that are somewhat in demand get massively inflated… I’d agree that I still find the Ramsey contract staggering even under those circumstances…


His agent and him have done a killing with that deal. Ramsey is a decent player but he’s nowhere near a 400,000 a week player. Good on him, not a Arsenal legend like some Arsenal fan’s believe he is. Very hit and miss beside his 13/14 season, thankful for the two FA Cup goals. Won’t be a big miss for us imo. A nice guy and wish him the best.


Definitely not a legend. A long server and rotation player for us just like Walcott, with some glimpses of WC but to far in between those occasions. I like the guy and I like his 100% work rate on the pitch. I wish him all the best and hope he does well at The Old Lady.


Club briefed spin?