Aaron Ramsey (8)


Sneaky fucker :bellend:


He’s still struggling with English.


He got loads of stick but continually tried to play and in the way he wants to play football. We are losing a great player and it’s a shame.

That’s what Ian Wright said about him. And that’s my biggest criticism of him. He is such a selfish player and how many times did we watch him try an unnecessary flick or shot from distance that had minimal chance of going in? Ramsey plays football the way he wants and he’s just not very good at what it is he tries to do on the pitch.

This guy’s ego doesn’t fit his talent it’s as simple as that. One standout season in 11 years at Arsenal I’m more than happy to say goodbye to him.

What I find astonishing is that Juventus are willing to spend €20m a year on this chump. That’s a sizeable investment for a player of such limited ability, injury problems and inconsistency.

What I find even more astonishing is that there are people out there who legitimately believe this guy is an Arsenal legend because he scored two cup final goals lol.


Given we aren’t likely to win any trophies bigger than the FA cup in the foreseeable future the legend of Aaron Ramsey will continue to grow.


He can be a good player when he applies himself to the job needed. Unfortunately he grew up in his best years under Wenger and never felt the need to really push himself. If he puts in the work rate needed constantly then he will do well, not sure he’s worth £400k per week. He’ll miss living in London.


He’s not worth those reported figures no way, but how good is life for Rambo, move to one of Europe’s top 5 or 6 clubs on that sort of money ?

The next 4 seasons will be spent winning 4 scudetto’s, maybe a CL and lining his pockets.


If Ramsey is earning around 400k a week at a top European club playing alongside Ronaldo, he must have a very good agent or Juventus have got him mixed up with another player.

This means he has become one the highest paid players in Europe and yet hasn’t even been a regular first team starter for us, and we have the weakest squad of the top clubs in the PL.

How can such an inconsistent player be worth such high wages?


Fair play to him and his agent. They’ve played a blinder.

And we’ll be blamed for it.


I don’t get why he’d ever want to stay here instead of that offer from Juve


Not paying a fee to arsenal helped secure a high wage deal for him no doubt.


Some stuff from Juventus fans. Biggest concerns seems to be his injury record and the fact they’re paying him as much as they are for someone who doesn’t stay fit for too long.

Way too high wages for a guy who is injured far too often and has not played at the top level. Too much risk there and is this coming from someone who quite likes Ramsey.

these wages are excessive imo. Especially for a player with his injury record but i dont think we are just overpaying for no reason.

My guess is that, being a good Britbong on a free transfer means he can command a lot in wages, EPL clubs are laden with foreigners and there arent many good brits so he likely can command a high salary to sign for one of them. Goddamn EPL has too much money and its fucking us Serie A plebs over.

This shit is just too funny. Let’s throw gold on a player who missed shitload of matches in Arsenal.

Doctors are probably happy about this signing. They will have their hands busy and won’t get fired because of lack of job.

Wait… did Aaron Ramsey became our second most expensive player in salary???

is it true that we are paying him 4 TIMES what he is earning in Arsenal?

Please tell me no to both questions…


At least we now know that Ramsey was never going to sign a new contract.


I think you’re right.
That means not only has he gone but we won’t receive any money for him to buy a replacement.

Whoever does our contract negotiations has a lot to answer for.


We could have negotiated as much as we like, but as soon as Ramsey knew what he would be offered by Juve, it was a losing battle. We would never match that offer and neither should we.

All he had to do was bide his time.


Not 2nd, no. But 3rd apparently.


Should have had Ramsey’s agent leading the Brexit negotiations and all future trade deals, he seems to be an expert inconvincing Europeans that they need our average British exports.


We are going through the difficult side of Wenger’s transfer policy. He would never sell players even though he didn’t play them to any degree. We have to clear out these players even though there’s no transfer money to have for them. In a sense we are having to start fresh to have to spend on players straight from the bank rather than using transfer fees.
The one transfer fee we have got to come to us is Ozil and that looks far off unless he agrees to go.



Tancredi’s numbers are fucked. How can a guy on 400k a week be stated as having a salary of EUR 6.9m? 400k/w is almost £21m a year, and more in Euros.


Because the 400k number isn’t true.