Aaron Ramsey (8)


To be honest… I can’t fault anybody accepting that kind of payday. Football is a business; for better or worse.


Yeah the last thing a budding footballer should ever aspire to is a move to one of the best teams in the world on a long term contract for incredible money.


What happened to Juventus? They used to be a bunch of cunts that wouldn’t spend any money, now they’ve got players on 400 and 500k?



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noun: ambition ; plural noun: ambitions

  1. a strong desire to do or achieve something.


The Agnelli family have done a pretty amazing job at increasing revenue and they’re also a very wealthy family themselves.

Basically they’re so far ahead of every other Italian team in terms of how they’re run that nobody comes close. They built their own stadium, rebranded the club logo, use social media as well as any club does, expanded fan clubs across the globe and the fact they’ve been a fixture in Europe over the last few years just makes them a ridiculously well run club.


According to some Juventini the numbers are actually €7 million per year net + bonusses. That’s seems a lot more in line with their current wage structure.


First they get a steal from us in Szcezney now they’ve nabbed Rambo for fuck all. These cunts.


I do believe one of the people higher up (Giuseppe Marotta, was a director I believe? Now at Internazionale) had a falling out over the Ronaldo transfer and left the club, If Marotta was running the transfers for Juventus up till that point they probably had a change of strategy and direction.


it’s a fairly big discrepancy. Anyone as reliable as orny reporting those numbers?


So what were the last years all about then?


Traitor. :bellerin:

Last few years have been make do and wait for a higher calling.


They didn’t give any sources just quotes (in Italian). So I don’t know about that.


What a little cunt :joy:


I don’t have strong feelings either way but it’s a compelling case put forward here. I just think it’s hard to put any player of the last 10-12 years in that bracket considering the players we had in the 10-12 years prior.


If people consider someone like Liam Brady a legend Ramsey probably falls into the same category as him? Not sure if we do though you probably could have a better opinion about that.


Apparantly Bale still doesn’t speak Spanish.


I’m kind of sad to see him go. He showed moments of brilliance and was an all round good player for us. However, I will not miss those fucking backheels.


Of course he is a great player for our club. “legend” or not is semantics. For me it is a factor that he played here for 11 years, I know plenty of you give zero fucks about things like that but I think it weighs in. Beside his damn grins after a missed shot or w/e which drive me crazy :sweat_smile: he works hard and does his best. Here (more under Wenger) he is a bit like Walcott was, a not-passing-focused type of player in a squad designed for delicate passing, so like Walcott he offers/ed something different which by itself is a bit underrated. Also his best work is off the ball I think which is a typical thing to people can fail to notice at times. The deciding goals in the cups are a bonus.


I appreciate Rambo for everything he’s done but I’m indifferent to him leaving. The one season where he had double digit goals and assists seemed like he turned the corner only to never reaching those heights again. His tenure with the club kind of sums up Wenger’s last decade here… Inconsistent with great moments but you’re glad that both parties are moving on. Good luck to him and I’ll be watching what he does in Turin.


The Juve contract is a real blessing for Aaron. Not only is it a lot of money, it more or less guarantees him lots of silverware, and the chance to play along with the likes of CR7. As for his contributions to Arsenal, I know I won’t miss him simply because he was never a standout performer consistently, except for that 1 season. He will be remembered for his contribution in our FA cup triumphs and the way he fought back from a potential career ending injury. Beyond that, he was just another Arsenal player who failed to come anywhere near the early potential he showed.

Wish him the best.