Aaron Ramsey (8)


Fair play to the lad, he’s robbed them. Just watch out for the mafia and don’t get on any buses heading into the alps.



Of course. If you told Allegri to think up the ideal midfielder for him, it would be someone close to Ramsey


Glad Ramsey’s story at Arsenal is finally over, we’re a better team without him


Good riddance. Enjoy eating spaghetti with meatballs.


We potentially can be.

But right now? Hell no.


You make that sound like a punishment. My idea of heaven :grinning:


He may have made a fortune for himself but when it comes to his professionalism and integrity as a pro footballer, I find him to be an enormous waste of talent tbh.

When I look at Ramsey’s time here overall I wonder… if only he hadn’t let his ego come in the way of the needs of his team and his own development as a player.

He could and maybe should have become a top class central midfielder.

I feel he really had the chance to be a stalwart of the Arsenal midfield for several seasons.

Whilst believing all of that, I resent his attitude because he’s essentially coasted along for most of these last five years and not come close in that time.



Now I don’t blame us for not flinching in the contract talks if this is what he and his team was pushing for.

Still hope he gets a good send off this season, cause he’s an Arsenal legend for me considering what he’s done for us in some big moments.


The guy is a rat


Lol fuck that noise. Ramsey a legend. Legends set examples and the only thing any budding sportsman can learn from him is to not be like him. Legends don’t let short term success get in the way of their long term careers and their teams ambitions.

The best Ramsey was the humble Ramsey back in 2013 when he was grinding every game, disciplined and hungry to establish his place in the heart of that midfield.


He’s had his part to play as has Wenger and co, if he’d have someone who demanded more and could still adequately nurture talent this may be a different story entirely.


He had his leg snapped in half, came back from it and won us two FA Cups off of his boot and his head. If you disagree that he’s a legend that’s fine because it’s your right, but I have my right also.

He has his flaws but for me I’ll always hold him in high regard.


Why lmao


So it’s all on Ramsey eh?

A lot of what you’re talking about is dictated by the manager and he had one that ultimately became a sorry excuse for one for more years than he should have.


Hopefully rotten spaghetti.


Professionally handled.
Fair Kudos to Aaron.
Good luck to him.

Thank you for 2 FA cups.


Go on and don’t shed a tear. Play come and go.


Congratulations Aaron
Fantastic move for you with very rich rewards.
Good luck to you .