Aaron Ramsey (8)


More than Ozil. Greedy fucker.


That’s an insane amount.

Gotta say, I’m intrigued to watch Juve now. He was never going to sign with us given those sort of fees.


Once again, thank fuck for not offering that sum to this guy who’s the definition of mediocre.




So u don’t buy the reports that we had an offer tabled that he was going to accept and we pulled it?


Who cares? Worked out brilliantly for him in the end either way. Whatever we offered and he dithered on was probably too much. Was time for him to move on tbf and I was one of those that thought he could still be useful, but not as main piece.


That’s the bit I don’t buy.


Of course he was never going to accept it. The guy knew what he was doing he played the PR game very well and he’s come out of this looking favourable.

It looks like the club forced him out and he’s gone abroad to avoid the ire of Arsenal fans.

Smart guy.


Ahh ok fair enough, I can see why they’d put that spin on it to try and protect him for the last 6 months of his tenure here. Anyways I’m beyond happy he’s leaving. We need technically astute players, and if he’d actually have signed, it would be painful to watch Emery persist with him in our team.


Coincidentally wasn’t it Wenger that predicted transfer fees would eventually become a thing of the past? :wenger:

It’s a great move all round for Ramsey, new country at a club that are serial winners and he’s getting paid out the ass. Plus the pace of the league will suit his body that is susceptible to soft tissue injuries.

He lucked up, we need to be playing him more and squeezing everything out of him humanely possible


Given that his kids are very very young any move abroad wouldn’t affect his family like it would if they were older and irrespective of the daft pay packet at the end of it I think I’d have also even on the same wages as Arsenal were paying. The opportunity to live and work in Italy whilst earning would have been a drawing factor for me, he and his wife get to learn a new language aswell. Exciting times ahead for him!

Hopefully this new challenge benefits the national team.


Sack Raul and sign Ramsey’s agent.

This guy is the real deal.


I’m still yet to be convinced by this tbh. I think the Arsenal managing of player contracts in recent years has given this idea a lot of weight


I don’t understand why leaving on a free gives you more money. Is it just a lack of political will from the current club to give in to such big demands?

I cant see a big difference between Arsenal deciding they’re better off giving Ozil 350k and Juventus giving him 350k on a free?


Speaking of this guy… seems like Unai is moving into a 2-man midfield. Not that I agree about it but it becomes a 3-man midfield if Xhaka is in.
If that’s the case, have we truly moved on from Ozil/Rambo in the team? Surely with EL coming up these 2 would be vital, and we’ll need to get some games under them so they can perform?

The next weeks will really define fan’s verdict on Emery. Could really see an outbreak if we go out with Ramsey and Ozil not being effectively used.


Ramsey’s agent’s phone is gonna be popping off.


Unreal deal for Ramsey, I know they don’t have to pay a transfer fee and all that, but wouldn’t this sort of money unsettle some of the other Juve players on 1/4th of the coin ?


Fair play to Ramsey, Although I’m starting to get suspicious of how Juventus is using their money these days, big stacks of cash for a old Ronaldo and 400k on Ramsey who probably had some hefty agent/signing on fees in that too.


Even on a free this is clearly on another level.

Seems they genuinely really, really rate Ramsey.


but then the first thing he would do is to re-sign Ramsey at £500k/w :thinking: