Aaron Ramsey (8)



So we only realised after the fact we couldn’t afford it. Sounds legit.


any other club i’d agree but this is arsenal so its definitely true


That would put Ramsey on almost 200k per week tho so thank fuck to whoever made that decision.


Happy with Mkhitaryan getting 10m but Ramsey can fuck off. This place :joy::joy::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Speaking of which, where the hell IS Mkhitaryan?

I know he refused to play that game in the Europa League due to a political stance but he can’t use that old chestnut every week :wink:


Think he had a knock for today… could have used him - couldn’t possibly have been worse than Iwobi was today.


He broke his foot earlier. Not back yet


Don’t recall me saying that I was happy with Miki making 200k per week.


Maybe not but happy to pick Ramsey out of that bunch because its fashionable to Ramsey bash.





I know there’s still taxes to be taken into account, but to get that wage :giroud3: .fuck me, fair play to him.


Top 10! Good on him. Ramsey and Dybala together :drooling_face: I’ll defo be watching more of Juve next season.


Who pays Ramsey that amount that is more than a lot of TOP players get.


So glad he’s gone. Next Iwobs. And please add some flair and creativity to this team, Raul :pray::pray::pray:!


Running your contract down is going to get more and more popular.

Accept a season or even two of being frozen out by a manager that doesn’t like you, RIDE THE PINE for a bit and think of that fat sign on bonus and massive basic that’s coming your way.

Admittedly this doesn’t apply to all footballers, only the high achievers. Not you Shkodran, you have to let us sell you this summer


400K! Fair play to Rambo that’s an unreal move for him


Imagine if he took that amount and massively flopped for them…it is not impossible. Good luck moving him on.


Wow, Fair play to Ramsey. He’s clearly going to be a key piece.

Really wish him all the best, I think he’ll lead Juve to the CL

Admirable work by his agent too