Aaron Ramsey (8)




If someone disputes whether or not he’s a legend, I don’t disagree, it’s all about opinions. But to call him “mediocre” is just an absolute joke. I wonder why Juventus, PSG and Bayern were the kind of clubs vying for his signature?

I don’t disagree that he can be a poor player to have in the side if his output isn’t making up for his vacating of the midfield area, but at many times it has. You’ve listed his biggest flaw but not his strengths, and that’s a completely one sided argument.

The fact of the matter is that he broke his leg with us, came back from it through shocking abuse from the fans (I gather you were probably one of them), and won us two of those FA Cups. He’s given us the best moments we’ve had as Arsenal fans in our recent history, and he’s now the top scoring midfielder ever for the club.

If that’s “mediocre”, I can’t wait until we find someone who’s half decent in your books.


Ramsey is so blah. Those above mentioned teams are interested in him because they are in non competitive leagues where they could use a guy like Ramsey to log minutes. Bet he won’t feature prominently in their CL campaign, maybe group stages.


He is such a weird player. He will bang home a backheel scorpion 180 degree no look shot in one moment And fail to control a simple groundpass rightafter.


He’s what we call a cherry picker over here in the states, that guy on ur team when ur playing basketball who just stands at the other end and doesn’t help the team, but is wide open when u get the ball.


He was a decent player but even Wenger didn’t pick him regularly to start games, which considering our lack of quality, is quite telling.

He did score a lot of goals but then he also did have a lot of shots, which invariably failed to hit the target.

I think other clubs were interested in him because he is experienced at the highest level, he is hard working, but most importantly he was free.

I have no problem with him leaving, apart from us not getting a transfer fee, because he is replaceable hopefully with a player that won’t be demanding a quarter of a million pound a week for their services.


His average position on the pitch was quite high after 13/14 meaning he didn’t defend or engage in the build up play hurting our overall game.


He’s a very uninspiring player and I certainly won’t miss his goofy grins after fluffing decent chances.


If they’re really giving this scrub £300k a week then Juve have officially lost it. From giving CR7 a 4 year deal at €31m a year and Can a €5m a year contract to giving Ramsey £300k a week they’re just pissing money away now.


He’ll flourish in Allegri’s 3 man midfield. End product machine.


The amount of disrespect for Ramsey makes me laugh at times.


You forget that he is probably not getting any sign-on bonus instead and they probably bumped his salary instead, also they probably have some pay-as-you-play parameter since they rotate fairly much for a top side and he has an injury record, and he is in a prime age with a fair resale value back to England in a 3 years time.

He could do well there, slightly slower pace might suit him, he covers a lot of ground without the ball which nicely frees up space for others do do the type movement Allegri wants, not to mention that Ronaldo lacks nowadays.


Having a look I’ve seen lower figures quoted but not recently. And if this is 300k it would include any signing on fees and agent fees. I’m certainly glad we let him go if that’s what he was holding out for. The injuries and the inconsistency have been issues and this 18 months is him playing for a new contract. Is he going to maintain that level once he has it? Alexis Sanchez never did

I remember Wenger saying years ago that eventually transfer fees would disapear and it’d just be wages and more and more players are playing this game. I think Pogba and De Gea still haven’t signed. Sterling eventually signed for 300k. We’re paying Kolasinac 120k because he was free.

And when there’s no fee just ask how much would Ramsey fetch? 40m has to be the start.


His end product is good but isn’t Dele Alli levels is it? And he’s injured half the time.

We should play him into the ground over the next 6 months. Leave Juve a crocked worn out Ramsey


Yeah we were never ever going to pay him the sort of wages that have been reported today and nor was or has he ever been worth that, as much as I wanted him to stay. Good luck to him.

Just out of curiosity, who owns Juve and how are they funding all these huge salaries? I mean they have a pittance in TV revenue compared to the PL.


Really? For someone who seemingly thinks everything at Arsenal is shit I’m surprised you gloss over Ramsey’s constant shitness.


They still earn over €100m a year in Serie A TV rights which puts them roughly 11th or 12th (to my recollection) globally. Plus I think they earn more than most clubs in terms of money generated from CL revenue.

Then they are owned by Exor I believe who have serious money behind them.


Makes sense I guess. Quality player leaving Europa club for a top 5 European juggernaut.


Yeah Alli’s end product is exceptional but he’s more of a second striker/#10 imo, Ramsey has more midfield capabilities which he’ll display under Allegri.


From the wing most likely