Aaron Ramsey (8)


I’ll miss Ramsey, it’s a shame we’re losing a 40- 50 million calibre player on a free. Yeah he’s inconsistent and frustrating player at times but he’s been a great servant and come up trumps in some big games.


Did he really though? I think yeah, he scored goals in the FA Cup finals but where was he in the league outside of 13-14?

I mean he’s been an Arsenal player for 11 seasons now and he has one very impressive season which was predictably injury ridden and the rest of his Arsenal career has been hit and miss.

Where was he in the big CL ties or the crunch league games? The big competitions where we really needed him to produce the goods?

I’ll always be thankful for him helping us to win the FA Cups in the manner that he did but his lack of consistency was as much a hindrance as the good moments were positive.

I had high hopes for him after 13/14 and genuinely believed we had a special talent on our hands but whether it was bad coaching, accumulation of injuries or whatever he just didn’t really kick on. I hope he smashes it at Juventus though, he’s been a consummate professional. Although we won’t talk about the fact that he clearly didn’t want to sign a new contract and tried to make it out like Arsenal had withdrawn the offer just as he was about to sign it lol.


I was referring to the FA cup particularly.

As you allude to it’s part of the underlying frustration and a shame that potential was ultimately unfulfilled as he didn’t do it to a higher and consistent degree.

Wirh that said I lay blame at the feet of the coaching staff and Wenger as well, it’s not all on Aaron.


My boy Aaron playing alongside Ronaldo and Dybala. Thanks for your service. You helped the Arsenal well during tough patches. Good luck Rambo!


He’s every bit the Arsenal Legend that Theo Walcott is. Both represent an era of mediocrity. Ramsey represents someone who thinks he’s better than the squad despite being responsible for constantly passing to the opposition and constantly being out of position because of his obsession to score.


What a load of nonsense :poldi:

If anyone doesn’t think to be better than the squad it is Ramsey. You trolls are so bad at this :rofl::gunnersaurus:


Always promised more than he delivered here but ive always liked him. We used to have a thread of players who never reached their potential here. Aaron would of been a shoe in on that. @Mysty


Sad times :frowning:


Make another thread mate I’m sure it’ll make for an interesting discussion. :+1:t2:


I’ve read some shit on this place over the years and old OA before that, this absolutely tops it, well done sir, you’ve out done yourself :+1::ok_hand:


I’ve always wondered how, in their retirement, ex players would be welcomed as half time guests at our home games. Would it be with fondness? Would it be unanimous?

I think Ramsey would fit the mould as someone who gets a fully deserved round of applause from the Emirates faithful


He should. Been here for ages. Got us top 4 the season everyone else underperformed. Works hard now as well despite being on his way out.

Always liked him. Now he will win the league with Juventus as so many of our ex players have gone on to win titles elsewhere.


What season is this?


I suppose it’s reffering to the 13/14 season when he was arguably the best player in the league up until Boxing Day, maybe if it wasn’t for Ramsey’s supreme first half of the year maybe Everton pips us for 4th ?


Tbf there Aus Everton pretty much died after they beat us that year.


That’s not really true though. We led the table for most of the season and had our usual Wenger collapse. We lost 7 games and conceded over 40 goals.

We had Ramsey present when we conceded 6 against City and he was also present in the next game against Chelsea where we drew 0-0.

I don’t doubt Ramsey was an important part of our 13/14 season and probably our best player. But we’d have finished top 4 whether we had him or not because when push came to shove we lost the games we always lose and collapsed at the time we always collapsed. It was no different to any other normal season. It’s just that back then we didn’t have to worry about Spurs being super strong and United had Moyes as a manager. So we were nailed on to finish in the top 4.


I wouldn’t describe him as a legend, but he gave us some legendary moments to remember. The FA Cup goals are his piece of history with us and that will always be there.

Anybody who comes back from a leg break like the one he suffered deserves some respect, but he has gone on to be a player that will remind me of some extremely sweet Arsenal moments. I remember I was in the Rocket watching the final vs Hull, and when his winner went in, the whole place erupted. Beer flying everywhere, sweaty hugs with randomers and then the post-match celebrations / madness on the Holloway Road. People hanging off lampposts, stopping traffic, Arsenal chants…Ramsey scored the winner that day and gave me an unforgettable memory so no matter what, there’ll always be a fondness in my heart for him.

Wish him all the best (which I can do as he’s going abroad!).


I think it would be interesting just seeing stats of all our PL results in 13/14 and quite simply seeing who was on our scoresheet.

From my recollection, Ramsey scored in games which were heading for draws/defeats.


It was a lovely strike of the ball that goal.


Nicolò? :bellend: