Aaron Ramsey (8)


Didn’t they only offer him an 18month contract? Not sure La Liga is any better these days


Third actually mate. John Charles was a bit of a legend in the 60s their.


‘Arsenal want to keep him till June’…why? He’s barely used. Go get 10 mil. and spend it somewhere else. This club. :joy::joy:


You are right. Rush came after leaving Liverpool, right?


Oh sure, ignore my post then. Rude


Sorry I posted before I had read yours. I will donate my like to you.:wink:


But surely we moved to the Emirates so we could get the revenue to compete with the other big clubs.

We are one of the most profitable clubs in Europe yet we plead poverty when it comes to buying players.

Top quality attacking players cost a lot and when we have spent big on players like Ozil, Sanchez, Lacazette and Aubameyang, they have been worth the money.

When we have been cheap we all know the sort of players we get.

No club has won, or even challenged for the PL title, without world class players, so unless our standards have dropped so much, we should be competing with other clubs for the best players, of we will become a mid table club.


Deal pretty much done apparently :confused:


Why the :confused: haha?


Thanks for your service Rambo, you were frustrating at times and lots of people did whinge about you, but I’m expecting us to replace you with a less productive player.




Because I have conflicting feelings about it and :confused: is supposed to represent confused

At least he isn’t joining another PL club though


Glad he’s not going right now, pretty sure between now and May he’ll contribute something


Good riddance. :wave::wave::wave:


I don’t care what anyone says, for me he’s an Arsenal legend and I hope he gets respect from our fans for the next six months.


He is always out last long-service player. He started with Cesc in the middle.


Aaron out, Nicolo in?


Aaroff Ramsey


I’ll miss him. I think if we played with a typical b2b he would stay. If we’re not stacking players centrally in attacking midfield anymore and operate under “financial modesty” I can understand that we can’t afford to have him in the squad, I can understand if we need to be more… ‘effective’ with our squad management.

Rambo is more specialised for a 3+ man midfield imo and he never worked particulary well wide in a 4-3-3 nor does he fill that much of a function if we play 2 sitting midfielders which kind of covers half of the role he excels in, so I can understand the move. I also feel he slows down play a bit with his tendency to linger on the ball a bit, not always but often, and that was fine before where we didn’t play on the counter much but rather methodically lined up a bit forwards-heavy for chess in attack and needed to cover a lot of ground defensively without the ball to compensate for it.

Drifting off topic a bit I think there is a hint of the same adaptation problem with Özil, except he is good enough that we will try to work around it and Emery either line up with him in his comfortable centre role in a 5-3-2 or 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 diamond-like like we have tried a couple of times, or just let him play wide in an untraditional free role to wander inside more in a 4-4-2/4-2-2-2 or w/e Emery calls it.


Came up trumps for us when it mattered most and when he leaves it’s on a plane to another country.

Despite all the frustrations and unfulfilled potential it’s nice to see him get such a great move, winning league titles and competing for the CL, plus the food. He’s going to love it there.