Aaron Ramsey (8)


Don’t think he’a as effective the way Emery uses him so I would think a move now benefits every side. And, he could win the CL in the same season he was deemed ‘unfit for our plans’ by the board and our coach.


When did this happen chief?


We’ll be can’t because he ain’t joining them until the summer…


Good enough for Juventus not good enough for Arsenal, much like Woj.


No the management doesn’t want him. Why are you always making every single thing a negative.



I’ll wait and see who the replacement is, if it’s a superior player to Ramsey fine, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Doesn’t matter if you rate them or not the manager brings in players to suit his system and the way he plays.


Well if Emery delivers results then he can justify himself, but until then…


What I will say is I don’t think Ramsey is worth 200k a week, but it’ll be interesting to see what we spend the Ramsey wages on.

Ramsey should have also been sold for some sort of fee, yet another fuck up by Arsenal.


Jesus. Take a half hour off ffs.


I’ve just had my sleep pal, I’m refreshed and raring to go :wink:


Does the price tag matter in this respect for you?

Could be a Torreira-esq level signing, is that good enough for you?


This is true the quality of the player matters not the price, generally when you go skint it backfires though.


Don’t think he is gonna be a starter, as Juventus have great midfielders.
He is gonna be the second welsh for Juventus after Ian Rush though.


Board wants to revert back to the old days where we found gems from our academy and around the world while paying some reasonable wages. It’s been reported before that they’re not happy with the big investments(Xhaka, Mustafi, Mkhi and Ozil contracts, even Laca) we made and regret joining the market trend.
I’ve said it before, realistically people shouldn’t expect big time signings anymore. You/We got that big marquee player in Auba but that’s it.


I’m okay with that if it means we don’t spend money in bums. ive seen Arsenal shell out big money for players and you can’t really say it has worked (Auba aside)

We just have to be run better as a club.


I don’t mind it either. Doubt we’ll ever reach our run of old, challenging yearly but I can expect us have the odd season here and there, where the players gelled well, have a clear idea of what to do and with some momentum do something like 2012 or 2013 where we were some kind of a threat.



Of course he refused the farmers league haha no good player moves there unless it’s for that sweet Arab moneyz :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


I can’t say for certain he’d be the third, but he definitely won’t be the second :slightly_smiling_face: