Aaron Ramsey (8)


I think RVP would have gone either way, he wanted to win titles and the club and manager lacked ambition. But winning a LC would have been nice to shut up the critics who slagged us off for not winning anything, amazing that they aren’t given Spurs the same treatment for not winning anything. But the press hate us so no surprise

I agree, not a club legend. I don’t think we have had one since 2006. Alexis or Cesc come close, maybe RVP. But that’s it. Ramsey, definitely could have offered more then he did. He was far too injury prone, it hit when he was on a good run of form and just ruined his seasons on him. The leg break sucked for him. But he showed in 13/14, that it didn’t effect him. If he had another season or two like that, he would have left by now for Real or Barca. The fact is he didn’t and if it wasn’t for the fact Emery and the club are letting him go for free, none of the names mentioned would have go out and paid big money for him.


I thought he had his second best season behind 13/14 season, was last season. But yeah he’s far too hit and miss, the guy will score a cracker of a goal that will cover for him for some fan’s from his shoddy performances.


Two. Season before his magic season, he really did a great job as Box box midfielder alongside Arteta.
His stats - Passing percentage, tackles, interceptions, heat map - were excellent.
I wish he had stick to that role as he clearly was very consistent in that role.


Just got a notification that juve want to offer Khedira for Rambo :joy::joy:


Laughable link but just seen this in Instagram. Don’t see it reported anywhere else though.


Motherfucker going to win the CL this season tears in my eyes :wenger2:


Fucking Juve going for an entire 11 of free transfers :joy:



Earning more than Dybala, Chiellini, Bonucci fair play to his agent that’s a masterstroke. :arteta:


Juve always do great business in the market. Fair play to them.


Thank u, next


It’s pretty easy to do great business in the market when you’re so out in front financially that you can pay big money for free signings and dismantle your closest domestic challengers by picking off their best players. What Juventus have done on the pitch is impressive but I’m a little tired of people slobbering over their keen business sense.


They’re cheap cunts :joy:


What will @Luca_from_Italy make of this


Are we gonna miss him? No.


Until we can uncover a midfielder who can score goals, yes


He has two goals in the Premier League.


Can we not just sell him now? He’s not gonna be committed to us for the second half of the season if he’s off to Italy in June


I’d rather we’d keep him until the Summer’s over. We don’t have a particularly big squad, and not a lot of options either. With his future potentially sorted, he may look to try end his tenure with us on a decent note. I don’t imagine Ramsey being the kinda player like Sanchez to suddenly just kick off and start playing like shit because he wants to go elsewhere.

Strange things can happen in Football and sport and it would be unwise if he suddenly couldn’t be bothered to play to his best for the rest of the season because he’s off elsewhere. In this game, it be silly to burn any bridges, where he may need to call upon us again the future in some capacity. Until we sign a replacement, we may as well hang onto him.


We have a greater need of a midfielder who can hold the midfield.