Aaron Ramsey (8)


So we’re letting him go cause we couldn’t even match his wages to Mkhi and to top it off there is no money to sign anyone in January.

The ambitions of the owners are clear and we’re set to become spurs.


At a player level, it’s good that he’s going for pastures new abroad. It might be out of necessity rather than choice but it cements him as a player who will be held in high esteem here.



This is the important issue that people are ignoring. First Giroud, then Rambo.

Need Mavropanos to come good and lead the “make Arsenal sexy again” campaign.


Really?! This face doesn’t exactly scream sex appeal imo


No, but this picture does…



It’s a better picture no doubt, but it’s still the same face…

Each to their own, as a straight man I’m not sure why I felt the need to insert myself into this discussion haha


Glad to see the back of this piece of shit player. Couldnt even light up the championship with his Toblerone first touches and arrogant passes.


Should have used #nohomo at the end of your post Jakey. Schoolboy error from you here


Only schoolboys feel the need to clarify their sexuality every time they say something cool on the internet :unai:


Gone are the glory days of sex appeal when we had Vermaelen, Giroud, Ramsey and Chamakh.


LOL good one dude.

You were joking, right?

… Right?!


A brilliantly well observed description.
You could have also said greedy :grinning:


He has been glory hunting and stat padding since his 13/14 three month purple patch. Even a broken clock is precise two times a day.


Apparently Juventus are willing to offer us €5 million to bring Ramsey in early. Absolutely no chance that happens, take him in the summer for free and enjoy the 25 league games you’ll get from him a season and the 5-6 performances that will make you think “what a player” whilst the other 19-20 will make you think “just pass the fucking ball and why the fuck is he doing that”


Lol. This rings so true.


Every single goddamn game. He’s scored important goals for the team and seems like a nice guy. Hope it works out for him in Italy but I will not miss watching him backheel a ball out of play for no fucking reason.


Good luck to the guy where ever he goes, hope it’s aboard so we can look fondly on him cause once you go to one of the rival’s it taints you a bit. Seems like a nice guy, still think his 13/14 season is his best season in a Arsenal shirt, the guy was amazing that season. His two goals in FA Cup finals will cement him as one of the brighter spots during Wenger’s Emirates reign.

I won’t agree with some who are throwing out “Club Legend”, he’s far too hit and miss for me. One season he be meh and the next he be very good. Shame we won’t get top money for him, don’t think he be massive loss to us on the field. But a good solid pro.


Club legend? Nah.

He was a really important player at the club because of the goals he scored in the FA Cups finals but also because of the big what if factor. Having his leg broken in two (maybe three?) places at such a young age changes everything.

I know it’s a little Butterfly Effect but a healthy Ramsey may have made the difference against Birmingham in the Carling Cup final. If we win that game, there’s no fucking way RvP leaves to go to Man United a few years later.

But yeah, that 13/14 season will always be a special year. I really do think both parties need to go their separate ways at this point, but I’m definitely a little sad because I think he could have done a lot more while he was here.


I’m of the opinion that he’s literally been very good for one season and every other season has been hit and miss.