Aaron Ramsey (8)


Yeah and with Ramsey settled on his next role and Ozil still anonymous, and our calamitous defense with injuries, can kiss our top 4 hopes goodbye.


I think this situation is called a transition period.
We have been in a transition period longer than any club in the history of football.
I wonder if we’ll get a trophy for such an achievement :grinning:


Club is in a right mess now. Buy nothing and where fucked. Pedigree in tatters by seasons end and were going to be the least attractive proposition for good players.
No confidence we will be aggressive enough in the summer transfer window imo. For me Emery has to voice a concern if were band aiding in January.
We simply are just losing relevance by the month if we dont show some intent now.


I think the board know this and realise that after a few seasons out of the CL, the supporters expectations will go down.

To sort out our defence, as well as getting a winger and a replacement for Ramsey, and maybe Ozil, is going to cost around 150m and we’ll be lucky if the board will spend a fraction of that.

But you’re right, our pedigree and standing in Europe is going down every season and our board aren’t nearly aggressive enough in the transfer market, so this mess will certainly continue.


With offers like that, why the fuck was he even considering staying here.


Because he is loyal to us. Unlike RVP and Sanchez, he would have rather stay with us than go win trophies with someone else.


He’ll be waiting a while then


Didn’t the best CB in the league leave his club in January last season ?


how many of those are around, and southampton couldnt refuse 75m really. I cant see any team selling a top CB right now. Also remember when he was bought the general consensus was ‘FUCKING HELL HOW MUCH’ everyone was saying they were mad and drastically overpaid and maybe they did. They probably could have picked him up after the unrest cheaper in the summer…who knows.


Ahh, ok fair enough. Anyways I was reading up on it and the bull shit rumors are that we like our young options coming up and want to develop them instead of offering Ramsey a big contract bumper.


I wasn’t one of those that said it was an ovepay, it was clear as an Aussies summer day that Liverpool had two main weak spots, the net result of paying what they did to get VVD & Alisson is worth every cent and some.


didnt say you, i meant the general concensous of most fans even liverpool fans couldnt believe they spent so much on a centreback.


Fair play to him, the guy has made it big.

Looks sexy AF. Come back from a horrible injury.
Won trophies for a huge British club. Arguable legend for them.

Produced for the national team in a great run to the Euro2016 semis.

Now going to a European powerhouse. PSG, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, Juventus or the big one: Real Madrid.

Motherfucker is basically playing out FIFA’s the Journey in real life.

He’s having a dream career, the kind of career I’d want. What a guy.


I’m not sure, he was signed as a CM and Wenger gave him a lot of starts there. For all his running about I’ve always thought he (and Wilshere while we’re at it) lacked the tactical sense for the role. He was part of many midfields that were split apart very easily and “lost the midfield battle”, and the role he had with Wenger in the last few years, the CM who makes the runs of a number 10 never really sat right with me.


ghey :giroud: :henry2:


Only loan deals!!! our board is a fckn disgrace, what wee need is to finish mid table with empty seats at home games, so they can stop using this great club as a fckn ATM and maybe then kroenke decides to sell to somene who actually cares about winning.

Good luck to Ramsey, i hope he wins trophies wherever he goes.


Tis not happening. Has never happened.


I know i am not talking sense, i’m just mad and frustrated AF


That’s fair. Me too. We’ve been pleading poverty for about ten years now and it’s total BS and always has been.


We already have empty seats at nearly every home game, thousands of them also but it does not make any difference as the tickets are sold and the money is hitting the accounts.