Aaron Ramsey (8)


He is still one of our more effective and talented players… and that is the real problem. If Iwobi pushed on this season… if Ozil got his act together and on same page as Emery… if we signed a proper wide attacker… if we didn’t have our midfielders playing defense b/c of injuries… all those things would make losing Ramsey seem a lot less of a big deal - they are addressable this summer (at least some), but right now he should be playing more I reckon.


The Ramsey treatment is bizarre, if you decided to run his contract down then at least utilize it.
He always puts a shift in when he plays to show his worth but it’s clear that he is losing chemistry with the others and finds it hard to adjust with these cheap minutes he is getting.
I don’t buy it that he could do a worse job than Mkhi, Guen, Iwobi or Xhaka even.


Can’t see an eighteen month deal being particularly attractive to Ramsey


The way our midfield is, this is going to be a huge loss for us.


Snatches off hand


If Ramsey is going in January, then a Ramsey- Rabiot exchange with PSG, please.


IDK that Rabiot would be a good choice. I seem to recall him and Emery having issues at PSG.


Rabiot would not be a good choice


Ozil is 30 too.


Rabiot and his whiny mother? :wastebasket:

There’s young guys out there; Fornals and Praet, with 20-30M (or there abouts) release clauses. Yes please.


His performance against lolpool was so typical. Made some good runs got into some good positions only to completely shit the bed. Also why and how does this guy get in the team if Emery is concerned with defensive work? He’s an attacking mid but I have never seen our midfield porous, it’s the reason he isn’t allowed to play deep anymore. I dislike this guy, glad he’s gone. Only regret is we get no money for him.



Sounds like he’s taking a pay cut then hahaha, shitter shouldn’t even be making that much.


Made enough money, now gets to cash in on Scudetto’s and potentially a Champions League title to add to his FA cups.


Great move for Rambo. Thanks for the memories and good luck in Italy


The Ox gone and on the verge of a title. Rambo going to Juve and getting medals guarnteed. Theo gone to Everton:joy:


Won’t be missed if I am honest, even if we don’t get a suitable replacement.

That said Ramsey has contributed the most in current & past squads, so kudos for that Aaron


I wonder what player he might have been without Wenger’s stink.


In fairness to Wenger, Ramsey arrived here when Wenger was still capable of helping attacking players drive on so I think this one is more about Ramsey’s limitations than Wenger’s failings.


I’d say Ramsey would be a better player if he was coached and came through under a different manager with genuine tactical nous.

It took him how many years to a get a better understanding of the game and be more disciplined? And even now it’s not like he’s hot shit in those areas.