Aaron Ramsey (8)


Yea, cos that’s what MM was suggesting. :roll_eyes:


He didnt suggest anything, just made a prediction.



What is this post lol


If he does sign, I’d assume it’s on the clubs terms.

But I think he is leaving.


If he accepted between 180.000£-200.000£ per week we could get this done.


I think that’s from his agent who, apart from Ramsey himself, is the only other person who believes it :grinning:

I don’t think he will sign, and I don’t think he had any intention of signing.
This is about getting the transfer fee we should be getting and getting it for the massive signing g on fee his next club will give him.

We should sell him to the highest bidder, hopefully Everton or West Ham, and watch him squirm when he has to play alongside his former team mates, either Walcott or Wilshere.


We can’t sell him if he won’t sign for the “highest bidder”.


Still loads of time for both parties to re-open negotiations - unless bridges have been burned of course; but that is information we are not privy to at the moment.


Why would Ramsey do anything other than sign on with a new club next summer and the extra money from that club not having to pay an xfer fee?


Can still remember watching this game on the TV lol. Was on ITV4


I used to love watching us play in that kit, especially when Ramsey, Wilshere, Vela used to play in them.
Time passes by real quick.


Not his usual self lately.


Says he wants someone to tell him why there isn’t an offer any more.m, he’s completely in the dark.

Also says he won’t join Spurs


I’m not buying it. He may not know exactly why the contract was withdrawn but if he had plenty of opportunities to sign a contract this past summer and didn’t.

It’s reasonable to bet on himself given the instability with the club and a new manager coming in. But I don’t know that he can turn around and complain when the club got tired of waiting and pulled the proposal.


Aaron must be the only person who doesn’t know why the contract was withdrawn.


Thanks fuck!


Ramsey is absolutely shameless.

Will stop at nothing to reflect himself in a positive light. Already trying to position himself as a unsuspecting victim for when he walks on a free. Only deluded arsenal fans will fall for this act


I agree.
Ramsey and his agent know exactly what their doing.
The sort of money he will get from signing for another club will be way more than he would get from signing a new contract with us.

Who could possibly believe he doesn’t know why we withdrew a new deal with him?


Hearing the club have told Ramsey he is definitely not being offered a new contract.

Here it is: