Aaron Ramsey (8)


Yes well we are where we are so what I said stands.


I think we can still get around 30 mil for him in january.


We should offer him slightly improved terms and get him to sign the deal. Homegrown talent like him are difficult to come by and we should be looking to reap the rewards of investing in him for the last 9-10 years. He’s entering his peak and to let him go at this stage would be foolish.


I don’t think we can, don’t see too many top teams that have a pressing need for a CM.

They will definitely be looking to pick him up on a free, if we end up selling him in Jan £15mil would be great IMO.


Selling him for anything more than £15m kwould be great, but giving him £200k a week wouldn’t be the end of the world, in a 4 year contract ( roughly worth £40m), which is acceptable for a player like Ramsey. However, I don’t like seeing him instead of Mesut in the #10 role. Also, just because he signs a new contract doesn’t mean you can’t sell him later on, but it will be very difficult with the bigger wages. Also to keep in mind is that his form (which was nowhere near consistent or acceptable recently) might drop as a result of signing a new contract. This was obvious in the case of Özil.


Not even 20 mil?


We could in the summer have said ‘sign the contract or agree to be sold otherwise you will not play next season’. That’s what Atletic Bilbao did with Loreiente a few years ago and it meant he got less money in his next contract.

We’re the only top club that this regularly happens with our players. It’s 5 players in 2 seasons now that this has happened to.

We lost a 70m fee for Alexis (minus 25m for Mikki), 40m fee for Ramsey, 10m fee for Wilshere and another 20m for Welbeck assuming he walks. That’s 115m we’ve thrown away now.


We’d do well to get 20-25m for him considering he can go free in the summer.


Blah blah blah. My point was in response to something being defined as unacceptable when there is nothing we can now do to stop that thing happening. All this coulda/suoulda/woulda shite is useless now.


I know this makes sense in a raw numbers way, but is the answer really to let all our players run down their contract and then give them 200k+ because the cost of signing a replacement might be high?

We could theoretically have Sanchez, Ozil and Ramsey right now on £200-350k each because that would have been less in the long run than signing replacements but then we have no room at all to increase our wage bill and we make no changes to our team.

I think he’ll leave out of principle (maybe his own reluctance to settle with us, or our reluctance to have him make demands) and end up accepting the kind of money we offered him but maybe with a decent signing bonus elsewhere.

For me he’s a useful asset, someone you want in your first 15 players but he’s not in my first 11. On the bench or in rotation he’s fine, he can come off the bench and do what he did last week but you don’t make a player without a guaranteed place in the 11 your #2 earner and squeezing him and Ozil into the same side and making one suffer doesn’t make sense to me.


As fans there’s nothing we can do ever. We can only comment on the management of the situation, which is nothing short of a shambles. And it’s good thing Gazidis is gone because he’s been key to much of our transfer and contractual failings.


It didn’t have to be useless.

How is this situation not unacceptable?
Never learning from previous mistakes, while letting players dictate what they want by getting more leverage out of a contract running down, is certainly unacceptable. especially from a club that doesn’t like throwing money around.

This could have, and should have been, sorted out before it got to the last season of his contract.

As @arsenescoatmaker says, we have effectively thrown away more than 100m on losing players for very little money, because of appalling contact negotiations, and not learning from mistakes we have made on previous players contracts.


Yer da


Yea. Fine. I’ve said nothing in response to that. It’s quite obvious and indefensible. But what you said would be unacceptable is if he ends up now going to a “rival” for nothing. My response to that point only was there is nothing we can do to prevent that. Seriously. There is nothing the club can do to stop that now.


OK, but let’s not act like you didn’t just make up every single one of those figures.


We can never know for certain whether any club was interested in spending £25m+ on Ramsey in the summer (or before that), but given his reputation and the stellar Euro 2016 he had, I’m of the view that we could have sold him for a reasonable fee if we had tried to identify the opportunity earlier.

If we’re not going to match the player’s demands and we know the agent is playing hardball, we simply have to start selling these guys when they still have some value.

We could have used Ramsey’s fee to buy his replacement, that’s the galling bit for me. We have other areas of the pitch that need sorting out but we now need to divert funds to another CM (I think we needed an upgrade here already!).


The difference between us and other clubs is that other clubs (like Chelsea for instance) actively try to extend their players’ contracts when they still have ~2 years left. I get the feeling that Gazidis & Co do start discussing contracts at that time, but the players usually delay/postpone the discussions, until we end up in situations like Ramsey’s. Of course it’s in their advantage to delay the contract extension until the last minute, but other big clubs don’t have any of that nonsense.

This may be related to Wenger as well, as he used to have a closer relationship with players, so he trusted them a lot more than it is to be expected in a business environment.


You really think we don’t?


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Considering we got more than 100m for Walcott, Chamberlain, Gabriel, Coquelin and Giroud, I don’t think the estimate of 115m is that far out.