Aaron Ramsey (8)


Think he’d be immense at Liverpool, which is a bit of a sore thought. Still, I’d rather we kept the wages and went elsewhere with it. I’m honestly waiting for Emery to personally recommend a Spanish slum baller from the lower divisions in Spain tbh. Would be great.


A great opportunity for them to grow up bilingual and tanned.


Sure, Scouse is a different language, dunno about tanning up there, though.


Oh don’t worry, it’s the fake tan capital of the UK. They favour this look:

The pictures from Aintree Ladies’ Day are an annual highlight :orange_heart:


Not looking forward to Ramsey playing for one of the other top English clubs, I also believe Liverpool under Klopp would be the best fit for him.


If some people hate him and want him sold why are you worried he could come good at Manure or Liverpool? :thinking:


Because I don’t understand what you mean to say about the skin colour of my people, I’ma take it as disrespec.

No Ollie or Trapp pics for you young lady.


If he’s not staying then bench him for the rest of the season. We shouldn’t be held to ransom ever.


Who hates him ??


Not you, but some of our fans want to get rid of him, but fear he could come good elsewhere.


I couldn’t give a fuck where he goes.

Can’t wait for some of our fans to give him a stupid nickname like Ram$ey or Ramscunt :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Yeh very hard to care what Ramsey does or where he goes.


Ideally he goes to United and partner Alexis :henry2:


As long as we get some money for him I don’t care where he goes.

But if he goes to a rival for nothing and gets a massive signing on fee then that is unacceptable.

We have had far too many players run down their contracts, and plenty of others that have gone to rivals and won top trophies with them.
To have Ramsey do both, just proves just how pathetic our transfer and contract policies are.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t start any of the remaining games for us this year, as Emery assess how the team does with out him, and then we try and sell him in Jan, in a Sanchez kind of deal.


The alternative is paying Ramsey astronomical wages and if the club did that you’d be here bemoaning how we pay players way more than they deserve.


There is not a single thing we can do to prevent this from happening.


We could have sold him earlier when it was clear he wanted silly money.
This is happening far too regularly for it not to be a coincidence.
We are possibly one of the only top European clubs who lets these situations come about so often.


Criminal from the club to let this happen yet again. Nor like we needed to keep him because we’re involved in a title battle /run in.


A reasonable contract was on the table for him to sign. For at least 6 months, probably longer. He didn’t sign it.

Then we got into the new season and his form was crap. And then the offer was withdrawn.