Aaron Ramsey (8)


I can see Ramsey to Chelsea tbf


You could be right, but I personally would be surprised if a so called top club came in for him…as I say, my money is on him ending up at the spuds…


Please be united. Please.
After Alexis & Ramsey, I don’t think they will ever want our players anymore.

Just like Barcelona had enough after Song & Vermaelen.


On a free someone will bite. Fabregas or Kovacic could open up a space for him, Pogba or Herrera could open up a space for him, even Eriksen could open up a space for him.

It depends how much a coach or club overrates him and what they want to believe his best position is. I think he’ll get himself a move to a decent enough club on good but not outrageous money. He’ll probably not be anything special and end up being a reasonable squad player.

I can’t see any club persisting with him as a nailed on starter like we have for years, and I don’t see him being much more than what he is now for us. Good but not great with some good and some mediocre performances.

But if clubs paid money for Barkley, Sissoko and Chamberlain I’m sure they’ll happily pay nothing or very little for Ramsey. You could certainly argue he’s done more than any of them have.


I forgot this guy even existed :arteta:


Fair play he was amazing when he came in.


I’m sure his agent was doing backflips when he scored that goal.



:wenger2: :wenger2:

:unai: :unai: :unai:


So? All wonderful goals.



What happened to experiencing football in a different country?!


Going to Liverpool will be like going to a different country to be fair. They even have their own rules and language up there.


Is he not allowed to change his mind?

Dude just had kids man :joy:


Kids too young to go to school imo :arteta:

He would be good for Liverpool, their CMs are their weak point.

Wonder if we could pilfer another nice swap deal from United though. I’m looking at you Tony :ramsey:


Ramsey and £10mil for Martial.

Fair trade haha


I’d even take Bailly


That is just PR-bullshit, but I’m confident the best move for his career is Liverpool. Klopp is great with these type of players.


Tis true.

Ramsey would be an upgrade on the majority of their midfielders and fits their system since they play three in the middle.


Afraid to be found out as pretenders? :mustafi:


Ramsey isn’t really part of the newer generation of players like Sancho or Nelson who want to live abroad while they’re still developing. He’s looking for one last big contract that could set him up with generational wealth. He’s only going to get that kind of money in England because of the homegrown rule or maybe in the UAE.